Duke University Students at Duke-NUS

Third Year Research in Singapore

Two Duke-Singapore Student Scholar Fellowships are available to Duke students. Duke-Singapore Student Scholars are expected to spend 10 months doing mentored clinical or basic science research in Singapore.

Fourth Year Electives in Singapore

Duke-NUS currently offers 83 electives in seven broad specialties of Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Psychiatry, Radiology and Pathology across four hospitals and five National Healthcare Institutes. If you are interested in Third Year research or Fourth Year electives in Singapore, contact Sulochana Naidoo

Duke Undergraduate Students

Special Admissions Pathway: The Duke and Duke-NUS Special Pathway enables Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) to pursue their undergraduate studies in any discipline at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, before returning to Singapore to embark on their medical training at Duke-NUS.

Duke-NUS Students at Duke University

Third Year Research at Duke

The Third Year at the Duke University School of Medicine represents a unique opportunity for Duke-NUS students to broaden their backgrounds in the biomedical and social sciences; the basis of clinical medicine. The primary goal of the third year is to develop tomorrow's physician leaders through a rigorous scholarly experience in biomedical-related research. 

Fourth Year Electives at Duke

The Visiting Medical Students page contains information about applying for electives at Duke. Application information can be found under the heading “Applicant Information for International and Canadian (LCME) medical students.” 

MD-PhD (PhD at Duke)

See a list of dual degree programs available at Duke.

Pre-Med Students at Duke-NUS

Apply to Duke-NUS Medical School

If you are interested in applying to Duke-NUS, please visit Duke-NUS Admissions.

Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO)

If medicine is a career that you would like to pursue, the Duke-NUS Alumni Clinical Observership (DACO) is a good springboard to gain insights into the profession. Under DACO, you will be paired with a practicing doctor, who is a Duke-NUS alumnus, for a two-day taster of what their work entails. Observerships are carried out in June and December each year and are meant to be an introduction to shadowing. The intent of DACO is to encourage participants to seek subsequent shadowing opportunities on their own initiative.


Contact US

Sulochana Naidoo, PhD

Director, Global Education for Duke-NUS

Dr. Naidoo is responsible for all areas related to undergraduate medical education between Duke University School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Medical School (Singapore), including curriculum, advising and supporting Duke-NUS students at Duke, admissions, recruitment, and compliance with accreditation requirements.