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Popsicles and Puppies at the PA Program 5/29/2024

Students had just returned from a week-long break and the long holiday weekend, and they were seriously busy studying for an exam the next day.  Nevertheless, the arrival of Locopops and a friendly dog (courtesy of Pet Partners, whose organizer and champion Judi came through with her lovely dog) were met with enthusiastic and gracious students, faculty (and another lovely dog and adorable children!) and staff at the PA Program Building. 

Puppies and Popsicles!

LE WELL was pleased to host a special Wednesday wellness workshop on the patio outside the interprofessional education building on April 24.  Students from health professions programs enjoyed popsicles from Locopops and had the opportunity to spend time socializing with each other and with dogs and their owners graciously provided by Pet Partners. 


Special thanks to Dr. Melanie Bonner for making this event possible!  Best wishes to all of our students in their studies and endeavors.

The State of Mental Health: Survey Data Collected from HPE Students Spring 2022

Spearheaded by Dr. Nancy Knudsen, former Associate Dean of the Learning Environment and Well-Being, Dr. William Bynum, and medical student Franz Belz, along with faculty members and students representing all of the Health Profession Education programs, a survey about mental health and wellness was developed and disseminated in early 2022.

Franz Belz