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Dismantling Racism and advancing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the School of Medicine

Moments to Movement

Duke University School of Medicine is committed to dismantling racism and to better understanding the root causes, harms, and strategies to reduce racial inequity. This commitment, known as Moments to Movement, extends from within our institutional walls, to our surrounding community, and our nation. 

The MD Program's Third Year

Meet medical student Gabriel Carrillo, who recently earned a law degree as part of his Third Year experience. He is also working on a research project with Duke Clinical Research Institute. Duke’s MD Program provides a unique scholarly experience in the third year, allowing students to study an area of interest in laboratory-based or clinical research, or incorporate a dual degree.

The Third Year


Duke Science & Technology

Unlocking Secrets of the Brain

Duke has long been a leader in brain research and working to find treatments and cures for diseases like Alzheimer's. The new Duke-UNC Alzheimer's Disease Research Center is playing a key role in this effort.