Our Criteria for acceptance now also requires proof the donor has recently tested negative for COVID and has had no recent exposure to COVID; OR proof of COVID vaccinations completed at least 14 days prior to being accepted for our program, and prior to transport to our facility.  Acceptance will be made at the discretion of our medial advisors, and may be revised.

Our program does not provide COVID tests. A post mortem, quick test is accepted if performed by a certified test administrator and faxed to us at: 919-681-5520, within our time-frame of acceptance.  We recommend asking hospice, attending physicians, or your local doctor’s office how to get a test for your loved one at this time; prior to death is preferred.

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Duke University Medical School is rated as one of the top medical schools in the country, and Duke University Health System is internationally known and respected. The Duke Anatomical Gifts Program is proud to be a part of both these institutions. Please take a moment to learn about the program, its mission, and the essential role it plays in training future physicians and helping them perfect their clinical skills and develop new medical procedures. We hope you will consider being a part of our program.

The Anatomical Gift Program is now requiring proof of a recent COVID test proving the donor is COVID negative; or proof of COVID vaccination as a condition of acceptance.  We do not accept donors who currently, or have recently had COVID19, even if they are recovered.  Our other criteria also apply. 

Please contact us prior to the death of a loved one, if possible, so we can assess that necessary steps are in place for donation.

"Perhaps the greatest gift one can make is the selfless donation of one's body to science for the betterment of mankind.  At The Duke Anatomical Gifts Program, we have been assisting individuals and families with their wishes to do just that.  As Director of the Program and a practicing reconstructive surgeon at Duke, it is my promise and responsibility to insure that all donations are treated with respect and are used appropriately to advance Duke's core missions of teaching, patient care, and discovery. I appreciate your continuing support of this necessary and important program."


Gregory S. Georgiade, MD

Gregory S. Georgiade, MD
Director, Anatomical Gifts Program
Director, Human Fresh Tissue Laboratory
Vice Chair, Clinical Practice and Chief, Division of Plastic,
    Maxillofacial, and Oral Surgery
Professor of Surgery,
Plastic, Maxillofacial, and Oral Surgery


Gwendolyn Keith

Gwendolyn Keith
Program Coordinator
Anatomical Gifts Program
Phone: 919-681-5471   
Fax: 919-681-5520