Student Wellness Resources & Support Services

Sometimes, the work of caring for patients can highlight systemic issues that can be troubling to us. Sometimes the sheer volume of computer work can provoke a disconnect between what we aim to do (connect with humans) and what we are doing (spending time with the computer). Recognizing shared humanity and forging connections with your authentic self are important facets of well-being, and we encourage you to take part in activities with others who may have shared interests.  For some, that may be joining an exercise group. For others, it may be gardening. Some people may “fill their cups” by engaging in volunteer work or advocacy. Some may actually enjoy spending time engaging in patient care.

As a student enrolled at Duke University School of Medicine, you are invited to take part in university-sponsored and university-based opportunities. LE WELL is also working to bring some of the offerings to the medical campus for ease of access.  Some potentially useful resources are linked below. 

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Support and Mental Health Resources

Evidence shows that students in health professions education programs can be vulnerable to depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns – and that various barriers prevent help-seeking.

LE WELL and DukeLine are collaborating to extend DukeLine services to HPE students! If you would like to receive confidential text-based support (not crisis intervention or mental health treatment), please access DukeLine.

LE WELL is pleased to announce a PEER SUPPORT COLLABORATIVE opportunity for HPE students to engage with psychology interns to provide mutual support; interested click HERE

LE WELL and CAPS have partnered to help decrease barriers to help our HPE students optimize their mental health! LE WELL and CAPS are providing embedded counseling services located in TSCHE on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons! Students in School of Medicine programs are also welcome to present to CAPS on campus. Please reach out to Dr. Jane Gagliardi at if you encounter any difficulties accessing care through CAPS.

CAPS counselors are available for short-term counseling, and CAPS psychiatrists are available for diagnostic evaluations and medication recommendations. For students with longer-term behavioral health needs, options include obtaining medications and regular follow-up through Student Health and/or seeking behavioral healthcare through community clinicians in-network with your insurance. CAPS has individuals who can help students navigate the process of referral to the community for long-term care.


             Mental Health Resources Flyer


Trouble seeking Mental Health Resources @ Duke School of Medicine: please leave us anonymous feedback. We want to continue to improve serving you and your peers.


For any life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Non-emergencies: call Duke Police Department, 919-684-2444


  • CAPS at Le Well - Suite 4010, Room 4012 TSC - our services are confidential, free and available to all enrolled students in the Duke School of Medicine. Our regular office hours are:
    • Tuesday and Wednesday, 11am - 7pm
    • Thursday 9am - 5pm
  • Timely Care: offers 24/7 Telemental Health services; for assistance call 833-4-TIMELY.
  • DukeLine: peer support via text
  • Duke University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): individual, couples, and group counseling, as well as psychiatric services available to all students at no cost. Call 919-660-1000 to schedule an appointment.
  • DukeReach: case management services for students experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, and/or psycho-social adjustment. Reach out if you are concerned about yourself or for another student. Call 919-681-2455 or email
  • ZocDoc, Psychology Today: Find mental health providers in the area who take your insurance
  • Peer Support: peer support collaborative

Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) - click Link to website

Do I need medication for a previously diagnosed health condition?

For behavioral health conditions that are stable, Student Health or a CAPS provider may be able to prescribe medications for you to pick up at a pharmacy.  For behavioral health conditions that are not stable (either new diagnoses or exacerbations of known illnesses), a CAPS psychiatrist can undertake a diagnostic evaluation and make recommendations about further care, to include prescriptions if warranted. 

I Want therapy through CAPS

  1. Call or drop in on Monday, 9am-6pm and Tuesday-Friday, 9am-4pm 
  2. Future visits can be scheduled during office hours
  3. CAPS will provide brief treatment, generally lasting a semester or less

Note: The referral counselors will usually follow up with you to ensure that you find a therapist that works for you. If you find that the list of providers given to you is insufficient, they can generate another list.

I want CAPS to help me find therapy in Durham

  1. Call CAPS and select the referral option from the automated list. Reception will set up an appointment with one of CAPS's referral coordinators. 
  2. The meeting will entail getting to know you and what you're looking for in a therapist. A list of providers will be sent to you after the meeting. 
  3. Use the list to set up consultations with providers in Durham, and eventually start meeting with one of them regularly.

Note: The referral counselors will usually follow up with you to ensure that you find a therapist that works for you. If you find that the list of providers given to you is insufficient, they can generate another list.

Update from CAPS:

  1. CAPS information card with pertinent information to access Flyer
  2. CAPS information card with a mindful moment's activity Flyer