OBGE Informational and Support Documents

OBGE provides the following documents for optional use (partial or in full) in T32 applications:

Description and contributions of OBGE (use part(s) or all of this Word document)

OBGE admissions and recruiting support (use part(s) or all of this Word document)

Organizational structure for SOM PhD programs (PDF)

SOM PhD student funding model (PDF)

OBGE PhD faculty mentor training requirements (See T3 Faculty Research page for individual faculty mentor training status or contact obge@duke.edu for a printed list)

T3 Tableau dashboard (for access contact obge@duke.edu)

Faculty participation in RCR/BIOTRAIN courses (Excel file including all faculty participants, all years)

SOM PhD T32 Contacts (T32 Directors and PhD program administrators)

For any program-specific PhD student demographic information that may be helpful to your application, please contact obge@duke.edu.