Visiting Students

Duke School of Medicine will resume our Visiting Student Program starting with Fall Term 2021. We will follow the AAMC guidelines for application submittal. Students will be able to apply starting April 15th with decisions going out after May 5th. If you have any questions please e-mail Scott Campbell at

*While Duke School of Medicine plans to resume the program in the fall of 2021, if the COVID conditions should worsen or the conditions dictate that we suspend the program, students will not be allowed to show up even if they have been accepted into one our rotations.

The Visiting Medical Student Program enriches both Duke University School of Medicine and the visiting medical student. Applicants must be in good academic standing, receive academic credit by the home school for the visiting student experience, and be actively progressing toward a Doctor of Medicine degree at an affiliated LCME accredited institution, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at an affiliated COCA accredited institution, or an approved/affiliated international institution.  All visiting student requests must be approved by the Visiting Student Coordinator.  Visiting medical students must adhere to the Duke School of Medicine academic calendar.


Duke University School of Medicine requires an approved affiliation agreement with your home institution to allow for participation in the visiting medical student program and is required to be approved prior to application to the visiting medical student program. All requests to establish said agreement must be submitted by an appropriate home school representative only,via email, to Scott Campbell Visiting Student Coordinator, Office of the Registrar,  The request should include the following:

Official Name of Institution / School of Medicine
Location of Institution / School of Medicine
Type of Program (ie: MD, DO, MBBS, etc)
Length of Program
Compelling educational reason to establish agreement
Home Representative and/or Institution contact information

Note: The affiliation agreement is the controlling factor for participation in the visiting medical student program at Duke University School of Medicine. Please check our listing of institutions with existing approved affiliation agreements.

At this time we are unable to accept requests for establishing affiliation agreements with international institutions.  In addition, we are currently unable to accept visiting medical student applications for the foreseeable future from students enrolled at international institutions with whom we do have approved agreements.  Please note that should this moratorium be lifted, it will be noted as such on this website.

Please note that we are also unable to approve affiliation agreements or accept applications for a student(s) enrolled in a medical school / institution located in any Caribbean nation or other nation as noted on the listing. Please see attached non-inclusive listing.

Duke University School of Medicine uses VSAS, the Visiting Student Application Service, to receive visiting medical student applications for students enrolled at US or Puerto Rico LCME accredited or COCA accredited Osteopathic institutions. To apply, please complete and submit a VSAS application for your preferred electives and dates. VSAS applications must be submitted no later than 60 days prior (no exceptions) to the elective period start date as noted in the elective catalog. Please note that we do have additional institutional requirements as noted in VSAS. Applications submitted with missing supplemental documentation will not be reviewed nor will the applicant be contacted regarding missing requirements. Incomplete applications will be denied via VSAS. For more information on VSAS, please visit  or contact VSAS at

Requirements checklist for LCME and COCA applicants

In support of our intentional commitment to foster a culture of diversity, excellence and inclusion at Duke University School of Medicine, we offer the Medical Student Visiting Clinical Scholars Program.  Medical students interested in applying for the program should review the information regarding clerkship prerequisites and other application requirements, and then follow the instructions to complete all forms.  Approval of the VSAS application is a prerequisite for consideration of an application for the Scholars Program.  Please note this program is not available to students enrolled at international medical schools.

Please note that all applications and supporting documentation are to be provided electronically to the Visiting Student Coordinator.   Applications submitted with missing supplemental/supporting documentation will not be reviewed nor will the applicant be contacted regarding missing requirements.

Program Information for International Applicants
International Application Requirements
International Application - (Word document)
International Application - (PDF)
Requirements Checklist

Mandatory: Student Health Fee and Student Medical Insurance Program information for international visiting medical students.

All approved and scheduled visiting international medical participating with an F1, J1, B1/B2 or WB visa will be assessed the mandatory Student Health Fee (SHF) at the prevailing rate for the semester of enrollment.  Please note the fee will be assessed for each 4 week period of enrollment based on the start/end date of the approved elective period.  Should these dates not fall on the first and/or last day of the month, the assessed SHF will be for a minimum of 2 months for each 4 week elective.

In addition, all approved and scheduled visiting international medical participating with an F1, J1, B1/B2 or WB visa, participation in the Student Medical Insurance Program is mandatory.  The student will be assessed the Student Medical Insurance Program premium (SMIP) at the prevailing rate as set by the insurance provider.  Please note the fee will be assessed for each 4 week period of enrollment based on the start/end date of the approved elective period.  Should these dates not fall on the first and/or last day of the month, the assessed SMIP premium will be for a minimum of 2 months for each 4 week elective.  Fees for SMIP and the Student Health Fee will be posted to your student account via DukeHub. You may find additional information regarding the topics online:

All applicants who are approved and scheduled for an elective(s) will be required to have all participation requirements completed no later than 15 days prior to the approved elective start date via CastleBranch:

Criminal Background Check
11 Panel Drug Screen
Duke University Mandatory Immunization Requirements (via Medical Document Manager) **
Current Influenza Immunization (via Medical Document Manager)
Current BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification (via Medical Document Manager)
Proof of Health Insurance Coverage (via Medical Document Manager)

These requirements will also be referenced in the acceptance letter and email provided to approved and scheduled students along with Duke specific information on how to establish your profile with CastleBranch.  All costs for these required services via CastleBranch are the responsibility of the approved visiting student.  These  requirements for participation may only be fulfilled/completed via CastleBranch.  MD and DO students will utilize the DU40 document and international students will utilize the DU45 document to establish your profile and fulfill participation requirements.

** International students only utilizing the DU45 documentation will be required to undertake TB testing in the US per institutional requirements.  TB questionnaire (page 3 only) should be provided directly to the Duke Student Health Center to confirm compliance or determine need for additional testing.  TB questionnaire should be provided via email to

Elective Availability
Electives/course descriptions may be reviewed by accessing the Fourth Year Electives booklet online. Please review the attached document for electives which are not available to approved visiting medical students.  Visiting Medical Students are not eligible to take electives that are less than 4 weeks, 4 credits. 

Evaluations and Final Grades:
Only the Duke Clinical Evaluation will be completed and provided to the visiting medical student and their home school. Final grades will adhere to the Duke grading scale for 4th year electives as follows:

  • H - Honors
  • HP - High Pass
  • P - Pass
  • F - Fail

Should an evaluation be provided, there will be no signature on the form(s) as final grades are submitted via a secured  electronic grading application.  As for noted evaluation criteria and / or comments, we strongly encourage, though do not require, faculty to provide information on student performance either by noting performance criteria, providing narrative comments or a combination of both.  Duke faculty will not be required to complete a home school evaluation if provided by the student or the institution.

Visiting students are required to follow the Duke elective calendar.

Fall 2021

August 23, 2021 – September 18, 2021              (section 41, 1st 4 week elective period of semester)

September 20, 2021 – October 16, 2021             (section 42, 2nd 4 week elective period of semester)

October 18, 2021 – November 13, 2021             (section 43, 3rd 4 week elective period of semester)

November 15, 2021 - December 11, 2021           (section 44, 4th 4 week elective period of semester)

Spring 2022

January 03, 2022 – January 29, 2022                   (section 41, 1st 4 week elective period of semester)

January 31, 2022 – February 26, 2022                  (section 42, 2nd 4 week elective period of semester)

March 28, 2022 - April 23, 2022                           (section 44, 4th 4 week elective period of semester)

Emergency Contact Information

Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Hotline: On Site 115, Off Site 684-8115(e.g. needle sticks)
Duke Police Department: 684-2444
Emergency from Duke Phone: 911


Severe Weather Policy for School of Medicine

The School of Medicine will handle the cancelation of classes in the following manner:              

All School of Medicine students will follow the Provost's decision in regards to cancelation of classes. If classes are canceled, students should not report for any medical school activities (classes, labs, clerkships, clinical assignments, etc.)  Course directors, mentors, and faculty are aware of this policy so that individual decisions should not be made.

These decisions can be determined by calling 684-4636 (INFO) or by visiting the School of Medicine, Office of the Registrar’s website,, the DukeAlert site,, or

Please note that 684-INFO and are considered the official communication for inclement weather announcements. 


Internship Interviews

It is the recommendation of the School of Medicine that a student miss no more than three days in any four week course/clerkship/elective. It is, however, at the discretion of the course instructor to determine the number of allowable days a student can miss for the purpose of interviewing. The student must give the instructor of the effected course sufficient notice of his or her intention to be away for an interview so that a mutual determination can be made as to the best time to be absent. This ensures that the learning experience in that course is in no way jeopardized. Students must confer with the instructor to complete missed time and work in a timely manner. Students must complete missed time within the same semester that they were enrolled in the course in which they are making up time. 


Shadow or Observer Experiences

Duke University School of Medicine does not have an established program which permits periods of shadowing and/or observership for medical students or medical graduates. Experiences such as or similar to shadowing and/or observership for a medical student or medical graduate may be possible, but would be approved and coordinated through a specific department (ie: Pediatrics, Medicine, etc). You may wish to contact the department in which you have interest to inquire of such opportunities. You will find contact information for departments on the web,



Email is the official mode of communication for the visiting medical student program. Notification of application acceptance and/or denial will be provided via email. Official acceptance letter and supporting documentation will be provided via email notification to all approved and scheduled students. Failure of approved visiting medical students to provide requirements by stated deadlines stipulated in the letter of acceptance and/or email acceptance notification will be withdrawn from the scheduled elective(s) and the visiting medical student program. 


Application approval does not assure that elective scheduling will be confirmed, nor does it assure that you will be placed in your preferred elective(s) as all scheduling is contingent on space availability.  Elective scheduling for approved visiting medical students will take place only after registration for the same elective period(s) has been completed for Duke medical students.  Registration periods are subject to change and as such, may result in a delay of scheduling for approved visiting medical students.  Applicants should direct questions to the Visiting Student Coordinator. 

FAQs:  Frequently Asked Questions regarding the visiting medical student program.

Duke Technical Standards: Approved and scheduled visiting medical students are expected meet Duke Technical Standards as outlined in the Duke University School of Medicine Bulletin.

Visiting medical students are expected to adhere to the same rules, guidelines and Professional Code of Conduct as Duke University School of Medicine degree candidates. 

Duke University prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex or age. Duke’s non-discrimination and harassment policies can be found at

Reporting Mistreatment
If you feel you have been subjected to negative or offensive behavior while on your rotation at Duke Medicine, we have two ways you can report the mistreatment:

  • Contact the Advisory Dean and Director of Student Affairs, Dr. Caroline Haynes at or 919-684-6528
  • Anonymously report information by completing the fourth year clinical evaluation form which will be sent to you at the end of  your rotation

off-campus housing website:



Millennium Hotel Durham 2800 Campus Walk Avenue Durham NC 27705 telephone: 919-383-8575 fax: 919-383-6035 email:

Extended Stay America: Durham-University-Ivy Creek Boulevard location,…

Information on the visiting Physician Assistant Program may be found on the website of the Duke Physician Assistant Program

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