Code of Professional Conduct

The School of Medicine has established a Code of Professional Conduct, accompanied by specific policies and procedures, for the guidance and protection of students in two circumstances:

  1. While they are enrolled as a student in the school
  2. After they have left the school in matters pertaining to their credentials, transcripts, and degrees that have been granted by the school

The principles from which the Code is derived include but are not limited to:

  • University regulations regarding student conduct
  • Guidelines for standards of conduct adopted by national organizations that accredit our programs (AAMC, LCME, ARC-PA and APTA) or license or certify our learners (USMLE, state licensing board)
  • Standards of ethical and professional behavior adopted by national or local professional organizations (AAPA, AMA, APTA)
  • Standards of fairness, privacy, and due process derived from the civil judicial system

It is the responsibility of each matriculating student to review the honor code and its policies and procedures before beginning formal educational activities, and the responsibility of the school to ensure that students understand the code and document their understanding.

Students should read and discuss the honor code and the rules and regulations of their chosen programs of study before beginning classes. Entering students will be asked to sign statements saying that they have read, understand and will abide by the Honor Code of the Duke University School of Medicine and the Rules and Regulations of their various programs.

Matriculation in the Duke University School of Medicine constitutes de facto acceptance of this Honor Code and the policies and procedures involved in administering the Honor Code. A copy of each student's signed Honor Code Agreement will be retained in his or her permanent educational record.