Outgoing Travel Resources

This page is a collection of resources, links and additional information that will prepare travelers going to Singapore though the Office of Duke-NUS Affairs.

Office of Duke-NUS Affairs Travel Policy

travel policy
Click above to view and download our Travel Policy FAQ. It encompasses our travel policies for both visitors to Duke-NUS as well as faculty that have dual appointments.

Example Travel Options

Sample schedule Infographic
This graphic shows potential travel schedules for trips to Singapore. We advise that travelers depart the US two days before the first planned meeting in Singapore, to allow sufficient travel time. (Click on the image for a larger, downloadable version.)

Duke's Global Travel Support Office

We encourage all travelers to familiarize themselves with Duke Global Travel Support, whose travel resources and information apply University wide. The website has travel emergency policies, ways to register your trip with the Duke Travel Registry, and much more.

Downloadable Version of our Travel Policy FAQ

Our Travel Policies in a downloadable format.