The Office of Duke-NUS Affairs, established in the early phases of Duke-NUS Medical School, functions as a single portal of entry for access to Duke from Duke-NUS and SingHealth. The Office of Duke-NUS Affairs is on-site at Duke and coordinates administrative support to all collaborative initiatives between Duke, Duke-NUS, and SingHealth. All of these programs serve to enhance mutual learning between Duke, Duke-NUS, and SingHealth, as well as expand the growth of academic medicine at Duke and in Singapore.

Duke, Duke-NUS, and SingHealth Collaborative Programs


  • Chief Residents
  • MS3 Projects


  • Collaborative Research Projects (Pilot Projects & Innovative Projects)
  • Pre-Grant Submission Peer Review

Collaboration Programs

  • SingHealth Academic Clinical Program (ACP) Study Visits
  • Faculty Mentoring Program
  • SingHealth Chief Resident Visits
  • DNUS Junior Faculty Participating in Duke Leadership Conference
  • Annual Research Day
  • Travel Grants
  • Basic Science Post Doc Exchange
  • Academic Engagement Program (AEP)
  • Administrative Fellow Mentoring Program


  • Education Symposia
  • Research Symposia