Welcome to the Davison Council website, a site run by Duke University medical students for both current and prospective students! This site is named after the Duke University medical school student government organization, which was originally named the Davison Council in honor of the founding Dean of Duke University School of Medicine, Wilburt C. Davison, M.D.

This website is a place to find useful information about attending medical school at Duke University. Here you will find information about our school, what it is like to be a student here, and what Duke students do outside of medical school. We have put together answers to common questions that you might have and included students’ thoughts as much as possible. We hope that we can convey all of the things that make Duke such an amazing place to go to medical school, with the most important of those being the people!


Letter from the Davison Council President

Hello, and welcome to the Davison Council website!

I truly can’t put into words how incredible and rewarding it has been to be part of the Duke Med community for the three years that I have been here. Our student body is passionate, driven, caring, thoughtful, wildly intelligent, and, to round it all out, they are all people who I genuinely enjoy being around. I like to say that there isn’t anyone I’ve met at Duke Med who I would be nervous to be stuck in a car with for an hour. The energy our students bring to their endeavors and the magnitude of what they accomplish, all on top of being medical students, inspires me daily. Duke is a place where everyone has something that they’re passionate about – frequently more than one something – and pursues those passions in a collaborative, inclusive way that builds lasting relationships. I chose to come to Duke because, from what I saw, it seemed a place where students were happy, productive, and supported, and I hoped that environment would allow me to get the most out of my time in medical school. I’m happy to say that that is exactly what I have found to be true as a student here.

No matter what brings you to this site, I hope that by spending some time here you will get a glimpse into the truly amazing community that is Duke Med, and all the possibility that comes with being a student here.

Luke Wachsmuth
DC President 2019-20