LCME Visit Timeline

The LCME accreditation process is a peer-reviewed study conducted to determine whether a medical education program meets established standards. This quality assurance process is an opportunity for self-study and reflection that can foster improvements to our programs and institution. Established medical education programs typically undergo the self-study process and a full survey visit every eight years. The LCME may request a full survey visit in less than eight years if there are questions about the sustainability or quality of the medical education program. Following review of the survey team report and findings from each full survey visit, the LCME may require one or more follow-up activities (e.g., limited survey visits, consultations, status reports) if it determines that the program is not in compliance with one or more accreditation standards or has unsatisfactory performance in one or more accreditation elements, or if the LCME has identified areas in compliance that require monitoring where the final outcome could result in noncompliance with one or more accreditation standards 

LCME Plans - Preparing for Fall 2024 Site Visit

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LCME Action Team
Prepare DCI
Identify members of Self-Study Task Force
Identify members of student ISA team
Review, finalize, and submit survey package
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Self-Study Task Force            
Conduct self-study
Generate summary report
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Student ISA Team    
Conduct Independent Student Analysis
Generate summary report

February - August, 2023

LCME Action Team Prepares Data Collection Instrument

February  •  Identify Self-Study Task Force

March - April  •  Appoint members to self-study subcommittees

May - June  •  Identify team of students to conduct ISA

July - August  •  Students prepare survey, Receive DCI

Steps of LCME Preparation as a chart

September 2023 - March 2024

LCME Action Team supports Self-Study Task Force and updates DCI as possible

September '23 - January '24  •  Self-study subcommittees review and analyze relevant sections of DCI

September '23  •  ISA Survey Open

October '23 - January '24  •  Students compile ISA survey data and generate summary report

February '24 - March '24   •  Self-Study Executive Committee finalizes summary report

Steps of LCME Self Study as a chart

April - October 2024

April '24 - May '24  •    LCME Action Team supports Self-Study Task Force, Self Study Executive Committee finalizes summary report. 

June '24 - July '24  •  Review and submit survey package

August '24 - September '24   •  Finalize survey package online

October '24  •  LCME survey team arrives

Steps of the LCME Submission as a chart

The LCME will assess the school for compliance with the 12 accreditation standards through review of the DCI, student satisfaction data, the self-study reports, and a site visit.  The site visit will occur October 28-30, 2024.  During the site visit, the LCME will conduct a series of group interviews based on topics/themes.  It is critical to Duke’s accreditation that we comply with these requirements and use the group interviews to effectively communicate about our school.

To prepare our interviewees for this visit, we will have an external mock visit occurring Monday May 13 to Wed May 15.  Prior to the mock visit, we will provide interviewees with the information needed – the questions typically asked by LCME of interview group, Duke Facts on how the institution meets the LCME requirements relevant to the group, and summary reports of our institutional self-study.  We will also available to meet with interviewees 1:1 prior to the mock visit, and will conduct pre-mock interviews with selected groups. 

After the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) conducts their site visit, the medical school receives a report that summarizes the findings of the survey team. The report is then reviewed by the LCME’s Accreditation Committee, which makes the final decision regarding the school’s accreditation status. The report includes an evaluation of the school’s compliance with the LCME’s accreditation standards, as well as recommendations for improvement. The school is required to submit a written response to the report, which is reviewed by the Accreditation Committee. If the school is found to be in compliance with the LCME’s accreditation standards, it will receive full accreditation for a period of eight years. If the school is found to be in partial compliance, it may receive provisional accreditation for a period of two years. If the school is found to be out of compliance, it may be placed on probation or have its accreditation withdrawn.

We will communicate the results of our accreditation status once received.