Planning your Scholarly Experience

The Scholarly Experience year is quite different from years one and two and requires advanced preparation and planning. Further information can be found on Canvas.

Step 1 Study Time

We would like to protect study time to maximize Board scores, which have become increasingly important in residency applications. That being noted, study time is not guaranteed; most mentors, however, are amenable to allow time to study.

  • Six weeks is allowed for dedicated Step study time and is included in the research year.
    • All MS3 coursework is due during dedicated study.
  • Any additional time will require formal approval by the mentor, study program director, third year office, advisory dean and will extend one's research end date by time taken and will require a formal study plan.

Review Available Scholarships

Dual Degree Program Applications

Most of these applications are due in November and December so check the deadlines specific to your program.