Second Year

The goals of the core clerkships are to train our students to provide patient-centered care across a variety of specialties in inpatient and ambulatory settings.

Students serve as the primary provider for their patients, working in interprofessional teams to obtain histories, perform physical exams, and develop and implement diagnostic plans. They apply the foundational training received from the first year to incorporate biomedical principles, social context of medicine, and leadership skills to serve patients and families.

    Clerkships & Courses

    • Medicine (8 weeks)
    • Surgery (8 weeks)
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology (6 weeks)
    • Pediatrics (6 weeks)
    • Family Medicine (4 weeks)
    • Psychiatry (4 weeks)
    • Neurology (4 weeks)
    • Radiology (4 weeks)
    • Clinical Skills Course (CSC) teaches essential clinical skills in the practice of medicine. The course meets in small groups for applied practice working through cases and applying clinical reasoning. The course kicks off with a three-week “Clinical Skills Intensive” at the start of the second year which builds on the foundational sciences in the first year to prepare students for their clinical rotations. 

    • Clinical Skills Foundation 2 (CSF2) continues to work in all aspects of the physician-patient relationship. Working together in the same small groups from Year 1, students will reflect on their experiences on the clinical rotations and apply topics such as ethics, spirituality, pain management, professionalism, and end-of-life issues. Students develop skills in advanced patient communication techniques. 

    • Cultural Determinants of Health & Health Disparities 2 (CDHD2) takes a deeper reflective dive into the topics covered in year 1 while immersed in the clinical environment. This course uses reflective writing, lectures, and small group discussion to meet course goals.  

    • Selectives - Students choose two two-week selectives in the second year that provide an opportunity before the fourth year for students to learn about clinical subspecialties not directly covered by clerkships and to support career exploration. There are approximately 30 selectives from which to choose.  

    MS2 Curriculum Schedule

    Ms2 curriculum graphic