Doctor of Medicine Program Faculty Resources

The Duke MD Program is committed to supporting our faculty in their educational roles.

This is the recommended place to start for all faculty.  The Handbook includes MD Curriculum Overview, MD Policies and Procedures, How Duke Supports Students, How Duke Supports Faculty.

To access the Policy on the Appropriate Treatment of Learners and to learn more about mistreatment reporting, please access the Reporting Mistreatment and Misconduct resources.

As the next phase of the Patient FIRST curriculum, we are pleased to share the results of the Whole Curriculum Review (WCR) for the MD program.  The Curriculum Committee (CC) conducted its WCR from November 2022 to February 2023.  To learn more about the WCR process please click here.

Three major themes were identified by the CC as the priorities for this next phase of the Patient FIRST curriculum:

Evidence-informed clinical practice and patient education

  • Digital impacts on health, medical misinformation, best practices in patient education, use of digital platforms to support health
  • Self-directed learning for how to assess evidence for high value care

Wellness and mental health skills training for physician self-care and for patient care

  • Building skills in patient care intervention for acute mental health needs, prevention
  • Building skills for learners in the promotion of resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-reflection

Social drivers of health and interprofessional health care advocacy

  • Bias, climate change, caring for diverse patient populations, more formal training in effective patient communication through an equity lens, care of patients who identify as transgender
  • Advocacy at governmental levels, managing legal threats to health care best practices, how to work with legal professionals, health policy
  • Preventive health practices, use of screening tools, care of chronically ill patients, nutrition as medicine

Thank you to the nearly 100 students/faculty/staff who provided their time and expertise for this important effort. 

You can find more about our curriculum innovations here.   The overarching medical education program objectives are here.

Thanks again for your commitment to our medical students!

We are here to support you. Please see here for full list of our program contacts. Contacts are listed by area of responsibility/expertise across the MD program.  The Office of Curricular Affairs supports the implementation of our foundational courses – please reach out with any questions about these courses.  

  • The mission of the Curriculum Committee is to assure an excellent, coordinated, integrated course of instruction for the preparation of future physicians. The Committee is composed of faculty, staff, students, and residents of the School of Medicine and is solely responsible for making decisions about the medical student curriculum.  The Committee serves as an independent body in making curricular decisions for the educational program, and does not report to Duke SOM or Health Systems leadership.  
  • The Curriculum Committee includes at-large faculty selected after a general call for applications.  
  • The selected faculty members serve a 3-year term, which will expire at the end of 2024. 
  • Annual MD Curriculum and Learning Environment Updates are offered to SOM Departments.  Please contact Dr. Nancy Knudsen or Dr. Aditee Narayan if you would like to schedule for your group. 
  • Any faculty member may provide feedback on aspects of our program through this open survey   

With few exceptions, all open positions in the medical education program are distributed to the general SOM faculty listserv and included here for an inclusive approach at recruitment.  Small Group Leader positions are recruited for annually. All SOM faculty, including DPC faculty, are eligible to apply, as per your chair. All applications are reviewed by a search committee, which uses consistent guidelines based on the needs of the role to assess each candidate.  Final candidates are selected based on their skillset, experience, diversity in background (including professional and personal characteristics) and needs of the team. Applicants for Small Group Leader roles are placed on a waitlist, and if positions become available prior to the next annual recruitment, waitlisted faculty will be offered the open spots. 

  • Please watch this space for open positions. Thank you for your interest!