MD Program Updates

General Announcements

NEW – Student Involvement in Course Feedback

We have rolled out a NEW annual course review process.  All required courses will have their course directors complete a focused plan on the strengths/gaps/goals/followup every year.  They develop these plans based on review of many sources of data, including the end-of-course evaluations, GQ, Y2Q, Bluerecs, etc.  These plans are reviewed by the Assistant Deans, and then presented for the Curriculum Committee to review.  Student representatives on the Curriculum Committee will be trained in this review – they will review ALL the same data sources and provide team-based feedback on the course plans.  The datasets provided are the most inclusive possible, as they reflect feedback from nearly 100% of students on the end-of-course evaluations. We are starting with the Clerkships this fall, with the Immersion and FPC1 in early winter, and so on.  Thanks to the many students who served on the Curriculum Committee for their review of this new process and helping to make it most meaningful. We will review this process in detail with the new student reps for the Curriculum Committee this November.  Thank you for your partnership!

MS2 – Y2Q reminder

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) sent you an email on October 1 and 15, inviting you to complete a national survey known as the Year 2 Questionnaire (Y2Q). 

Thank you to all for completing the AAMC Y2Q!  Your responses guide us on how to continue to improve our first-year experiences.  If you haven’t had a chance to complete this survey, please remember to check your inbox for an email from AAMC with your individual survey link. 

Curriculum Innovation Featured Update – Patient FIRST Assessment Taskforce

Duke Med has an Assessment Taskforce which is tasked with recommending a strategy for formative and summative assessment of students across all four years of medical school.  Huge thank you to our amazing students, faculty and staff serving on the Taskforce.  The Taskforce has already identified its guiding principles for the strategy, which include emphasis on transparency, equity, and a criterion-referenced approach that aligns with Duke Med’s Program Objectives.  The strategy would allow us to recognize the varied strengths of our students to make them competitive for residency. The Taskforce is continuing its work on what and how to assess students with these guiding principles in mind.  We will share updates as the work progresses.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Narayan or Dr. Julian Hertz, co-chairs of the Taskforce.

We will share regular updates here on our other Patient FIRST curriculum taskforces: 

MS2 Taskforce – Developing proposal for updated MS2 structure that increases longitudinal ambulatory experiences, more clinical skills “coaching” support, and more independent career exploration. 

MS3 Taskforce – Reaffirming our vision for the diversity of scholarship, clarifying work products, and strengthening research support for students through mentorship and earlier exposures

Innovation Science Taskforce – Developing 4-year curricular thread for all students to develop skills in innovation and change management.

VA – Thank you team!

Huge thank you to Kamara Carpenter and our amazing students for complying with the VA federal mandate that came down abruptly last couple weeks.  Huge kudos to the MS1 class for 100% compliance!!!

Students who did not submit their documentation by the deadline will not be allowed by the federal government to rotate at the VA – please make sure you do not register for VA courses if that is the case.  If a future second deadline is offered by the government, we will let you know.  Good idea to go ahead and submit now to Kamara, in case of a second deadline. 

PCLT Director update

After many years of service to Duke University School of Medicine, Dr. Barbara Sheline is retiring from her role as Director of the Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT).  Dr. Sheline has truly left the medical education program a better place.  Among her many accomplishments are the launching of the Practice Course (now known as the Clinical Skills Foundation course), and the PCLT which is now celebrating its 10th year.  She has been the recipient of the Duke Master Clinician-Teacher Award and served as faculty advisor for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program.  Dr. Sheline has graduated over 46 students from this track, and we are so grateful to her and her team. 

The PCLT Search Committee, which includes students, faculty and staff, are in the midst of reviewing applications from outstanding candidates.  We will keep you updated on the final selections once completed

MS4 Interview Space

NEW – Space is now available at Erwin Square on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm, in addition to 7 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday.  We would ask that you look at this space first for interview space. Reserve space through this link.

Medical Library spaces are also available as a back-up. Study rooms at the Medical Center Library can also be reserved for interviews Mon-Fri 8a-11p and Sat-Sun 12p-6p. Reservations for library study rooms are available online here -  We suggest using study rooms, as opposed to cubicles, for interviews to minimize noise and disruptions.

Library Hours – need your input

Library hours may be changing! Make sure your voice is heard by taking this BRIEF 4-question survey! Survey:

How to access library resources

If you have ZScaler installed, you may be hitting barriers.

Alert! Access library e-books, journal articles, and databases from the Medical Center Library website – This will enable you to see coverage and will prompt you to sign in with your NetID and password when necessary. While many resources have been accessible through a Google search on campus, because of new security software on Duke Health computers, you may hit unnecessary paywalls for resources that would be available if you had accessed them from the library website.

PUI and COVID positive patients - reminder

A reminder that MS2, MS3, and MS4 students may begin to participate in the care of COVID patients/PUI starting Nov 1, 2021. Please see email from Dr. Chudgar on 10/21 for additional details and contact him with any questions.