Match Day

The third Friday of March—known as Match Day—medical students across the country simultaneously learn what residency programs they will be training in.


Match Day 2021

Students celebrated Match Day on March 19, 2021, at home with their loved ones or in small groups, and the MS4 Class Council held a virtual Match Day 2021 Ceremony to mark the occasion and celebrate their classmates.

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2021 Student Stories

Student Stories Match Day 2021

Completing medical school during a pandemic is no easy task, but Duke University School of Medicine students rose to the challenge. We interviewed four members of the Class of 2021 about what it was like to be a medical student during the COVID-19 pandemic, their favorite memories from their time at Duke, and their aspirations for the future. Read their stories:

Ashley Choi
Drake Edwards
Brian Ketterman
Kirsten L. Simmons, MHSc

2021 Match Results

By Specialty

Anesthesiology: 8
Child Neurology: 1
Dermatology: 3
Emergency Medicine: 4
ENT: 3
Family Medicine: 2
Family Medicine/Psychiatry: 1
Internal Medicine: 23
Medicine/Psychiatry: 1
Medicine/Pediatrics: 5
Neurology: 3
Neurosurgery: 2
Obstetrics/Gynecology: 9
Ophthalmology: 4
Orthopaedic Surgery: 8
Pediatrics: 6
Pediatrics/Psych/Child Psych: 1
Plastic Surgery: 2
Psychiatry: 4
Radiation Oncology: 2
Radiology: 5
Interventional Radiology: 4
General Surgery: 3
Thoracic Surgery: 1
Vascular Surgery: 1
Urology: 3

Most Frequently Matched Institutions

Duke Health: 29
Harvard (includes Brigham and Women's, MGH and BI Deaconess): 7
University of Pennsylvania: 4
University of California-San Francisco: 4
Barnes Hospital (Washington University): 4


Past Match Results

Videos From Past Match Days