Match Day

Each year, fourth-year medical students across the country view the third week of March as the start of their future. Match Day is a unified event organized by the National Resident Match Program, when fourth-year students learn where they will train for residency.

Match Day 2024

Friday, March 15

10:30am in Trent Semans Center Great Hall

  • TSCHE Great Hall doors will open at 10am.
  • The program will last about an hour and a half with plans to open envelopes at noon. 
  • Seniors are allowed a maximum of three guests. 
  • Overflow space and seating will be located in the Learning Hall. 

If you are unable to attend, please send an email to and

Please email with any questions.


  • Detailed parking information here
  • ADA parking is available in PG1 and are located on every level nearest the elevators, with at least 10 ADA spaces per level (ground level being the exception). The spaces are all clearly marked and right near the elevators so no one will need to take the stairs.
  • Additional ADA options include Valet parking, which is offered in front of the Cancer Center. Valet is a little more expensive at $12/day while the garages are $2/hr with a max of $8/day. 


2023 Match Highlights

# Most Matched Fields                                 
23 Internal Medicine
9 Orthopaedics
8 Anesthesiology
7 Pediatrics 


Most Matched Geographical Locations  
30 North Carolina
20 New York
16 Massachusetts
11 California
8 Pennsylvania 


Most Frequently Matched Institution    
26 Duke
16 Harvard
6 Columbia
6 University of PA

All Matches

# in Specialty Specialty 
8 Anesthesiology
5 Dermatology 
5 Diagnostics Radiology
3 Emergency Medicine
3 Family Medicine
23 Internal Medicine
1 Internal Medicine-Anesthesia
1 Internal Medicine-Genetics
1 Interventional Radiology
1 Medicine Pediatrics
3 Neuro Surgery
3 Neurology
2 Ophthalmology
9 Orthopaedic Surgery
3 Otolaryngology
3 Pathology
7 Pediatrics
3 Plastic Surgery
3 Psychiatry
3 Radiation Oncology 
4 Surgery
1 Thoracic Surgery
2 Urology 
1 Vascular Surgery 


Past Match Results

Videos From Past Match Days