Study Away

Students who have successfully completed all courses in the first two years and have maintained a high level of academic performance may study at another institution for a maximum of 36 credits if prior approval is obtained from the Third Year Committee. During the fall and winter of the second year, students interested in this option can obtain Study Away information, including a spreadsheet with the past few years of locations, mentors and project titles, on Canvas, the third year management system.

Singapore - Duke NUS

Third Year students may choose to do a 10-month scholarly experience doing mentored clinical or basic science research in Singapore, a country on the cutting edge of biomedical and health services. Opportunities for outreach in neighboring Asian countries are also possible. This research will take up 80%+ of the Scholars’ time. Singapore Scholars are expected to provide mentoring to Duke-NUS students (6-8 hours per week). This may involve tutoring 1st or 2nd year students, serving on various curriculum committees (1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd), facilitating small group or one-on-one discussions about 1st and 2nd year students’ experiences with the curriculum, and/or sharing their experience of 3rd year research.

For additional information please contact Sulochana Naidoo.