Scholarship Opportunities

Students interested in scholarships not listed below are asked to email with the scholarship’s web link or provide them with literature on the requested program. There is a new application process which will open December 1st and students will receive notification.

The Sarnoff and NIEHS require the student to train elsewhere. Overseas opportunities such as the VECD Fogarty Global Health Fellowship may be available for students meeting academic requirements. Students should consult their Advisory Deans to discuss their options. Scholarships are subject to change.
A variety of research scholarship programs are available during the basic science elective year. Most of these require a full 12 months of research. More detailed information can be found on the program's website. Students can email for more information.

Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid is available during the third year basic science elective and fourth year clinical elective years. A student receiving a research scholarship may also qualify for need-based financial aid funds.

Your award will incorporate the scholarship along with your financial aid award in accordance with NIH, Duke SOM policies and federal financial aid regulations. Duke University School of Medicine policy dictates that all external scholarships replace need-based loans first. At such time that these loans are replaced, then the grant portion of your aid award will be reduced. This includes any merit scholarships as well. Total aid from all sources cannot exceed the established and Board approved cost of education.

Internal Scholarships             External Scholarships 



Third year Students Ability to Enroll in Coursework