Third Year Scholarship Students' Ability to Enroll in Coursework

Students who have been awarded scholarships for third year research should be aware that some scholarships will not allow coursework while involved in scholarly research funded by a specific scholarship.

All third year students are required to satisfy the third year Clinical Skills continuity clinic. When a scholarship prohibits doing coursework for credit, this requirement may be satisfied by an approved outpatient course during the fourth year with approval of the student's mentor, study program director, advisory dean, and the Clinical Skills director.  Some students involved in specific study programs are also required to enroll in specific courses related to that lab experience. In no instance, however, should a scholarship recipient enroll in courses without the specific permission of the study program director and their research mentor.
Students should be aware that taking courses during a period when they are not allowed may lead to loss of scholarship support, loss of credit, or other adverse measures.
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