Third Year Scholarly Experience Goal

Developing tomorrow's physician leaders through a rigorous scholarly experience in biomedical-related research

The Third Year at the Duke University School of Medicine represents a distinctive opportunity for students to broaden their background in basic science as well as patient-oriented research (clinical research, epidemiology, population health), humanities and AI/BME, the basis of clinical medicine. The primary goal of the third year is to develop tomorrow's physician leaders through a rigorous scholarly experience in biomedical-related research. 

To provide direction for the students' studies, the curriculum offerings have been divided into 16 study programs. These programs, while broad in scope, are designed to provide students with in-depth exposure to the sciences encompassed within the study programs. There are several research options within each study program. These range from a small research project associated with a structured curriculum of course work and seminars to an unstructured curriculum with the focus on investigation of a research question. It is the responsibility of each student, with the guidance of a study program director and mentor, to identify the curriculum necessary to properly explore a particular research question. Further, students are given the opportunity to study away from Duke or to pursue a master's degree in an approved dual-degree program if certain criteria are met.

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