Student Resources


The School of Medicine uses the learning management system Canvas.  This system was chosen to meet the unique needs of the Duke curriculum.  It contains the student daily calendar and all materials needed for each day’s events. 


Medical Student Study Prep Materials

Subscription Plan

AY 2023-2024:

  • 730-Day Step 2 CK Q Bank Subscription + 2 Self Assessments
  • 180-Day Step 1 Q Bank Subscription + 2 Self Assessments
  • NBME Practice Shelf Exam Voucher for each clerkship

MS1 Students

Starting August 2023, all incoming MS1s will be eligible for reimbursement for the cost ($479) of one (1) 180-day subscription to UWorld QBank questions for Step 1 study preparation if you schedule your Step 1 exam between MS1 and MS2 years.

MS2 Students

Starting August 2023, all rising MS2s will receive access to a two (2) year subscription to UWorld QBank questions bank for SHELF and Step 2CK exam preparations.  In addition, MS2s will receive one (1) NBME voucher for a self-assessment for each clerkship with an NBME exam (Family Medicine, Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery).  These vouchers are valid for one (1) year.  If not used within one year, a credit will be issued back to Duke and a new voucher will be provided.

MS3 Students

Starting August 2023, all rising MS3s will receive access to one (1) 180-day subscription to UWorld QBank questions bank for the Step 1 exam preparations. The full cost of these subscription will be paid by medical education administration. 

MS3+ or MS4 Students

For all students who matriculated in 2020 or prior, eligibility for inclusion in either subscription services and/or reimbursement for study prep materials will be assessed on an individual basis based on prior subscriptions and/or reimbursements.


Reimbursement Process and Guidelines

  • Please be sure to upload PDF copies of all paid receipts using the form linked above. The only file type that will be accepted is a .pdf. Receipts older than one year will not be processed. This is per the Duke one-year policy of receipt reimbursement. Gift card reimbursements of any kind are not allowed.
  • At this time, a reimbursement will be processed, and you will receive either a check mailed to the address listed on your fillable form, or direct deposit to your personal checking account (if you are or have been on payroll). Direct deposits do not affect Bursar accounts and are not related. 
  • Please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks for processing. Qiana Robertson in the Office of Curricular Affairs will be processing these to ensure you get your funds returned.
  • For any questions or concerns related to reimbursement status, please email Please allow approximately 24 – 48 hours for a response.


Additional study aid materials available at no cost:

  • Book Exchange GuidePrep with specialty specific resources by reviewing the books we have for core rotations! 

  • AccessMedicine also has flashcard content and multiple-choice quizzes for their materials! There are over 5,000 multiple choice questions covering books like Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine. Create a free MyAccess account to track your progress. 
  • AccessMedicine CaseFiles has the full collection of basic sciences and clinical rotation cases, there are review questions for all cases that can be accessed with your free MyAccess account!
  • LWW Clerkship create a free account and take advantage of thousands of multiple choice questions for topics across anatomy, diagnosis, internal medicine and more! Quizzes allow you to customize how much time you receive per question and focus on new material or review. You can also review your quiz history over time.