Pathology is the study of disease.  Pathologists gather information about the nature of a patient’s disease process through assessment of structural and functional changes to tissues and cells (anatomic pathology) and through assessment of biochemical and molecular changes (clinical and molecular pathology).  Laboratory testing results and anatomic pathology data make up a critical portion of the Electronic Medical Record.

The goal of the Pathology Study Program is to provide the medical student with a thorough learning experience in pathology and laboratory medicine under the guidance of a faculty preceptor. Depending on the selected mentor and the selected project, work can vary from basic to translational to clinical research.  Students should consider whether their proposed project could fall under the umbrella of cardiovascular or circulatory pathology, making them eligible to apply for the Hackel Scholarship.  All PSP Third Year students are invited to become active members of the Department of Pathology and attend resident educational seminars, Grand Rounds and other departmental activities.


Pathology Faculty Mentors        Director: Shannon J. McCall, M.D.