Matriculating Students

Welcome to DukeMed! Below find important information regarding the various onboarding processes that require your attention. Please note the deadlines associated with necessary documents and/or dates you are expected to receive additional information. We look forward to your arrival in Durham soon.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Andrea Liu at or

Make sure you are checking your official Duke email via: for important announcements and information.

Key Deadlines - See subsections below for further details

July 21st

  • Fall Registration closes at 1pm

July 26th

  • BLS Online Certificates due

July 28th

  • Canvas Compliance Completion deadline

July 31st

  • Program Starts with Introduction to Profession Attendance is Mandatory.

August 3rd

  • In-person BLS Skills Session

August 4th

  • White Coat Ceremony

August 7th

  • Complete Maestro Modules & upload screenshot prior to this date

August 25th

  • Submit written portion of "Meaning of Illness" assignment to your small group faculty leader


Timetable of activities for Orientation week

Dress Code: Business Casual
Lunch will be provided Monday through Thursday

July 31st 'Welcome to the Family' & Reception 8:30am-5:30pm
August 1st Professional Health Planning 8:30am-4:00pm
August 2nd Building Community Together 8:30am-2:00pm
August 3rd Vision Planning, Oaths, BLS Training & Poster Session 8:30am-7:00pm
August 4th (am) Research Symposium 8:00am-12:00pm
August 4th (pm) Reception (Penn Pavilion)
White Coat Ceremony (Page Auditorium)


To Do Before Arriving

Completion of the background check is July 1, 2023The School of Medicine requires background checks for all of our students. You will receive information about your background check via email soon. Once you receive that email, please take the necessary steps to complete the background check. 

All MS1 curricular materials are posted on Canvas. You will receive training modules on Canvas during orientation and our educational technologists are available and committed to supporting you. Please view Canvas each day for all course updates, announcements, schedules, assignments, etc.  Canvas will be the primary source of MS1 course communication – thank you for checking this daily.

Clinical Skills Training Immersion Course (CSTI) is a two-week introductory course which occurs as the first course of the first year of medical school immediately after Orientation. This full-time course introduces students to basic clinical skills, including history-taking, physical exam, evidence-based medicine, professional identity formation, and point-of-care ultrasound. Instruction consists of small group sessions, large group sessions, and independent study activities. The skills introduced in this course will be further developed and refined throughout the remaining four years of medical school as part of a longitudinal clinical skills curricular thread.

After the Clinical Skills Training Immersion, you will begin the Foundations of Patient Care 1 course which has the following components:

  • Biomedical Sciences – The biomedical sciences portion of the course will begin with CT scanning of your cadaver in mid-August. In the first week of class in late August, you will start the dissection of your cadaver, begin learning cell biology, and examine specimens in histology lab.
  • CDHD - The Cultural Determinants of Health and Health Disparities (CDHD) component aims to demonstrate the importance of health determinants other than those that are biological, as well as to help you understand the pernicious causes of health disparities and what we can do about them.  You will be introduced to these critical elements of patient care through an integrated longitudinal pathway across FPC1 and FPC2. These include integrated biomedical and clinical correlations, as well dedicated small group sessions, self-reflection activities, and teamwork to critically assess ourselves and the world around us through a healthcare lens.

Clinical Skills Foundation Course - Starting in late August, immediately following and building off of CSTI, you will begin your Clinical Skills Foundation component. This is a three-year longitudinal thread that meets every Tuesday afternoon throughout the first year and emphasizes the doctor-patient relationship. 

  • CSF-year 1 focuses on skills necessary to become competent physicians: obtaining an accurate patient-centered history, performing the clinically-indicated and technically-appropriate physical examination, professional verbal and written communication, differential diagnosis generation and refinement, and integrating biomedical knowledge into patient management plans.  Under the guidance of skilled, clinically active physicians and a senior medical student, you will work with 8 peer first-year medical students in a small group team to practice and develop these skills together.  
  • In preparation for our second session on August 29th, please look on Canvas for the “Meaning of Illness” assignment. Before this session, you will interview a friend or family member about their experience with illness, write a reflection essay about this discussion (details on Canvas), then share these conversations with your small group members. During your presentation in the small group on August 29th, you will be expected to share the illness and your friend’s/family member’s experience with that illness, as well as how this knowledge will help you as a physician in the future. Please consider this as you choose who you interview – this information will be shared (in a confidential manner) with the members of your small group team. You must submit the written portion of this assignment to your small group faculty leader by Friday, August 25th.  You may complete this assignment at any time (including now) before this date.

The deadline is June 15, 2023.  If you know you are planning to matriculate at Duke, please check and change your status in the Choose your Medical School tool by the deadline. You have the opportunity to change this status now if you know you are definitely attending Duke.

For those of you who have already Committed to Enroll the following will be happening in the next day:

  • Your status will be changed internally from Accepted to Matriculated and this will trigger your Duke Net IDs and passwords and Duke Email accounts to be set up.
  • You will receive an email to complete your background check.
  1. We have created a Canvas Portal where you can access all of the Compliance requirements that we need to track on your behalf. You will be sent an invitation to this Canvas Portal. Please accept.
    1. Helpful hints when working on Compliance in Canvas:
      1. Please review and read the module instructions first – this is where you will get vital information on what to do and how to do it.
      2. Please use the Checklist as a tool to make sure you have completed everything that you need to complete. Do not make this your first stop in the Compliance Portal.
      3. Please follow the instructions – if it requests a pdf, please submit a pdf.
      4. Please only use the screenshot examples as an example – the data in the screenshots is from a former student and may not be what you as a MS1 student needs to follow exactly. Please refer to the modules in Canvas as your guide to what you need as an MS1 student.
    2. Canvas Compliance Completion is due Friday July 28, 2023 – for most Canvas requirements – please review those that have alternate due dates.
  2. You will be assigned to take BLS, Basic Life Support on August 3 in the Great Hall, TSCHE Building.
    1. As part of your SOM education, you will need BLS. We host a 1 afternoon BLS Blitz for incoming students. CPR Consultants will come to our site and host the skills session portion of this certification.
    2. CPR Consultants will send a code to your Duke email address. This is for you to register and receive the Online portion of the BLS certification.
    3. Once you have registered, please complete your online course. At the end of the online course, you will receive a completion certificate – this is for the ONLINE PORTION ONLY and is your ticket to attend the in-person skills session on Aug 3 that will complete your BLS certification. An outlook invite will be sent with your assigned time slot for this date.
    4. Please upload only your BLS online completion certificate to Duke Box. We have sent you an invitation to your Duke email for your access. The name of the Duke Box is BLS Online Completion Certificate Submission for Aug 3, 2023.
    5. BLS Online Certificates are due Wednesday July 26, 2023.
    6. After you complete both the online and the in-person skills session, you will upload your completed certificate in Canvas – this will be AFTER August 3. Due date for uploading completion certificate in Canvas will be September 1, 2023.


  1. How do I know what compliance is required for me as an incoming medical student?
    1. Excellent question – Canvas has modules as well as a handy dandy checklist to help you – if you still have questions – Kamara Carpenter LOVES to talk about compliance and will help.
  1. For the Immunization screenshot, I have several immunizations that I cannot get until I start as a medical student on July 31, should I still upload a screenshot that shows I am non-compliant?
    1. Yes – PLEASE only submit a screenshot that looks like the example that is posted on Canvas – no other student data or forms should be shared.  Kamara works with student health and students who may be missing certain immunizations such as Hep B titers, Tetanus boosters. Please still submit the screenshot even if you are waiting on completing the required immunizations.
  1. I have already uploaded documents to Student Health for Immunizations, do I need to still submit a screenshot to Canvas Compliance?
    1. Yes. Immunizations are required per the State of North Carolina for all Health Professional Trainees. This is collected and verified through student health for all students. If a student is non-compliant according to Student Health, the student will be pulled from any course or clinical rotation. The screenshot allows compliance to make sure students do not get pulled from courses or clinical activities. The screenshot states that the student is working with Student Health.
  2. I cannot find which OESO, LMS and CITI modules I need to have as an MS1.
    1. Please check the back to the module for LMS or OESO or CITI and there will be a list of what each SOM AY student will need.
  1. RCR is a difficult CITI module to find. Can you help?
    1. RCR is part of the required CITI modules you will need as a medical student. Please refer back to the CITI module in Canvas for all instructions and helpful information.
  1. I see I need to do compliance for the VAMC – when do I do that?  
    1. The VAMC will send you information in an email - that will come to your duke email and will be from
      1. There is nothing to do until you receive this email
  2. N95 Fit testing – what is that and when??
    1. N95 Fit Testing is scheduled for your class in February-April each year. More information to come about it closer to scheduled time.
  3. Maestro Modules – I cannot log in and set up the modules
    1. You will be loaded into the Maestro (EMR) system by MedEdIT the week before you start in person on July 31. You will need to complete the Maestro Modules you are assigned and upload a completion screenshot before you start your Immersion Course on August 7, 2023
  1. What if I already have a current BLS that does not expire before July 2024 – do I have to take the certification course again?
    1. If you have a current BLS that will not expired until July or August of 2024, you may upload your BLS and be exempt from taking the BLS course with Duke SOM.  If your BLS expires prior to July 2024, you will need to take the BLS on August 3.
  2. What if I LOVE Compliance as much as Kamara Carpenter and I want to see funny TikToks about compliance?
    1. That is GREAT and I encourage you to watch some funny but informative TikToks about Compliance. 

Submit your photo for a DukeCard ID (instructions can be found here). The deadline is Monday, July 10.

Duke Net IDs and passwords and Duke Email accounts will be set up automatically for matriculated students. Students become matriculated AFTER you commit to Enroll at Duke. Former Duke students or current employees who have a Net ID and email account already established will not receive an email and can work with OIT to use the same account. Anyone requiring assistance, contact MedEdIT Helpdesk @ 919-668- 6212 or

Hey y’all! We made a big whoops and set the FIGS store links to the wrong closing date. We sincerely apologize for any confusion this caused and appreciate the many kind and gracious messages we received from folks alerting us to the issue. Rest assured, the FIGS link is back online as of late Monday evening and we will continue to accept orders through July 20th to ensure anyone who wants discounted scrubs can still get ‘em!

Welcome to Durham, Class of 2027! To help get you hospital-ready for CSF, anatomy lab, the wards, and everything in between, we’ve partnered with FIGS to bring you 25% off all orders of scrubs now through July 17th July 20th!

If you’re interested in a new pair of FIGS or two to kick off the year, please read and follow the instructions linked here to place an order. All orders will be shipped to the Medicine in Motion team and will be distributed in-person during the week of August 7th at the earliest

Questions? Shoot us an email at

DukeHub is the university’s official location for student information and records. DukeHub will be accessible to matriculated students after their NetID’s and password have been set-up and activated. Click here for information on DukeHub 2.0.

Admitted students that submitted all of the required financial aid application documents should have received an award letter via email. You may also access to your financial aid award via DukeHub. Details regarding your financial aid packages should be discussed directly with the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office.

Student will be required to have entrance counseling and complete a promissory note for loans they accept. Awards disburse 10 days before classes start and refunded to the student, if they have a refund on their account, on the first day of classes.

Due dates appear on the bills the students were sent. Due date also listed on Bursar website. Due date for Fall is August 1.


Information on financial aid disbursement dates are located on the Financial Aid website. Funds are disbursed to the student account 10 days prior to the start date of class. If a student has funds that exceed their billed expenses, the Bursar will process a refund on the first day of classes. It takes 5-7 business days for the funds to show in your bank account when set up on direct deposit in DukeHub. Students that do not set up direct deposit will be mailed a check to the address that appears in Duke Hub. This process can take up to 15 business days.

We want to give you information about the Thanksgiving break for those of you who want to make travel arrangements in advance. The Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving are scheduled as virtual learning days. We want to be clear that on Monday there is a mandatory event and you may have a mandatory event on Tuesday morning (ie, you should not travel during those times). There are no other planned virtual learning days for the remainder of the year. Please reference the excused absence and professionalism policy and expectations for additional information available in the School of Medicine Bulletin on the Registrar webpages. You will be able to review the detailed attendance philosophy and expectations in the FPC1 course syllabus posted on Canvas. Please contact Dr. Carbrey at with any questions

The Leadership Education and Development (LEAD) component is a longitudinal curriculum that is woven throughout multiple years of your training.  During your first few months at Duke, you will have several opportunities to engage with the LEAD curriculum within FPC1 and 2.  

  • LEAD faculty will provide an introduction to LEAD and Introduction to the Duke Healthcare Leadership Model as a framework for your leadership education and development.
  • You will work with LEAD faculty on workshops for providing feedback, having difficult conversations, and an Emotional Intelligence workshop entitled Everything DiSC Workplace. 
  • LEAD will host a book club recommended by your predecessors as an essential preparatory deep dive reading for success in medical school and beyond.  The book club meeting will take place in late August/early September.  We will ask the library to acquire several copies.  The book is “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success” by Carol S. Dweck
  • LEAD faculty and student leaders will be a part of your gross anatomy teams in Team Charter Formation and Team Hand-offs in the Gross Anatomy Lab early in the year. 
  • Later in the year you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the Duke Healthcare Leadership Model through the SIX-L (Students Invested in eXploring Leadership) short course. LEAD faculty and student leaders will also bring leadership debriefs to your Simulation Sessions late in the Spring of first year.  And this is just the first year!  More to come in the years the following years. 

The 2023 AAMC Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ) is set to open on June 1 and close on September 15. Once we change your status to matriculate you will start to receive this survey from AAMC. We would strongly encourage you to take the time to fill out the survey as it helps provide useful information for our team.

A Laptop and iPad will be provided to you for your medical education at DukeSOM. This year everyone will receive a Macbook Air 13” – M2 / 16GB Ram / 512GB HD + 4-Year Applecare+ warranty inc. accidental damage coverage, iPad – 9th Gen 64GB + 4-Year Applecare+ warranty, Apple Pencil, Laptop Sleeve and iPad case.

You are expected to use these devices during your time with us. Computers/iPads must be kept regularly up to date with all security updates provided by Apple to keep yourself and Duke Health systems secure. Any questions about the program should be directed to:

If you are in Durham already, or plan to be here before July 28th, please reach out to MedEdIT about getting your Duke issued laptop and iPad early. Please email them at: to arrange a pickup/setup time.

Medical Spanish is a clinically-centered educational experience in Spanish designed to help medical students become Spanish-speaking healthcare providers. Students will build a foundation of medical terminology in Spanish, practice assuming the role of a Spanish-speaking provider, and build skills to provide patient-centered care for Hispanic/Latino patients as Duke medical students. Students meet every other Wednesday, 5:30pm - 6:30pm throughout the fall/spring terms. Class will met in Classroom 4. Pre-requisite: Permission of the instructor is required for enrollment. The course is graded as Credit (CR)/No Credit (NCR). Enrollment minimum is 10; maximum: 20. Credit: 1.

Students who are interested in this program will learn more about the detail during MD1 year and will apply for the program at that time.

You can find information about parking lots and rates on the Parking and Transportation website at: The cost for these permits are found here:

Order your parking permit. This is not required, but if you would like one then you must purchase it through this link. Make sure you select Parking Garage 3. The deadline to order so you receive your pass in time for orientation is Monday, July 17.

The Primary Care Leadership Track is a four year parallel track to the traditional curriculum. Our goal is to support our students to be leaders in medicine and primary care. 

For more information about our program see our website About the PCLT Program | Duke University School of Medicine.

We have room for one more student to join our amazing cohort of PCLT students.

If you are interested please do the following on or before Monday, June 26th:

1. write a short response to the following prompt below and email it directly to Dr. Fatima Syed, PCLT director at

2. Dr. Syed may request a phone call to discuss further.


1. What does community engagement mean to you?

2. Tell us about your interest in primary care. What does primary care and leadership mean to you? 

If chosen to be a part of this program, mandatory orientation will be held on Wednesday, July 26 and Thursday, July 27.


Fatima Zahara Syed, MD, MSc, FACP
Associate Professor
Duke University School of Medicine

On behalf of the Duke medical alumni family, the Duke Medical Alumni Association will provide all incoming students with a personalized Littman Cardiology IV stethoscope and an embroidered white coat this year.

Please complete this survey to let us know how you would like for your name to appear on your stethoscope.

In order to ensure your stethoscope is engraved as you’d prefer, we need this information by Friday, June 23rd.

The program starts Monday, July 31, 2023 with Introduction to the Profession – Attendance is Mandatory. PCLT students have an earlier mandatory orientation start date of Wednesday, July 26, 2023.

The registration website site is called DukeHub; and you can access this site using your Duke NetID and password.

Online registration for incoming first year medical students opens June 16th. Fall registration will close at 1:00 pm on Friday, July 21st. All students must be enrolled in the following courses before the 1:00 pm deadline on July 21st. Failure to enroll by the deadline may result in the completion of a professionalism notification.

First year students must enroll in the following 1st year courses for the fall 2023 term:

Subject Course # Class # Course Title
INTERDIS 107B 1926 Course Title Introduction to the Medical School Profession (“0” credits)
INTERDIS 109B 1927 Clinical Skills Immersion Training (2 credits)
INTERDIS 112B 1923 Foundations of Patient Care 1 (21 credits)

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office by phone, 919-684-2304 or via email at

Web registration Instructions with screenshots can be found here: 

Duke University Medical Center and the School of Medicine require all students to complete on-line safety and compliance training. The safety and compliance modules that are required will be listed on the matriculation website in the coming weeks. Incoming students are required to be compliant in order to begin courses. Students must be compliant in order to register for future terms and more details are forthcoming. 

Complete the Student Affairs Qualtrics Survey.  Included are questions about information needed for your time during medical school. Please complete at your earliest convenience, although the deadline is Monday, July 17.

Link to the survey here.

Students in the Health Science Program should submit health records by July 1, 2023. The requirements can be found on this form;

Students have 30 days after the first day of class to meet immunization compliance and TB requirements. The Duke Student Health website is here for more information; If you need immunizations you can work with student health to get those upon your arrival.

We strongly recommend you have the COVID full vaccine schedule (ie, 2 doses for Pfizer and/or Moderna and the Booster if eligible) to avoid any unnecessary delays to coming on campus. Health insurance information will be forthcoming, however information can be found in the link above.

Attesting to the Duke Technical Standards DocuSign will be required by all incoming students prior to matriculation. The link to technical standards can be found here: Questions about technical standards attestations and about if you need accommodations can be sent to Dr. Melanie Bonner at or or 9196681267.

Students must submit official transcripts with the degree conferred from your undergraduate and graduate institutions on or before July 1, 2023.  Please have your electronic official transcript sent to  If you sent your transcript via regular mail, it can be sent to the following address; Committee on Admissions, Box 3710 DUHS, Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC 27710, Attention: Andrea Liu. We will confirm receipt of your transcript(s) once they are received.  Everyone must submit a final transcript from their school(s) to us; we do not have access to get them from your AMCAS application.

Courses that were taken outside of your undergradutae institution only need to be sent if they are not recorded on your undergraduate transcript. We do require official transcripts from Masters or PhD programs as well.

Scheduled for Friday, August 4, 2023 at 6:00pm. Students are allowed five guests, however, if you have more family/friends planning to attend, we can work with you to find other classmates that will have extra tickets. Advisory Deans will be putting on your white coats during this ceremony.

Please RSVP to the White Coat Ceremony using the link emailed to you. The deadline to RSVP is July 17th.

If you wish to request additional tickets, please email the student affairs office at You will need to include the number of requested tickets above the allotted five. Once they have made note, someone will send you an email confirmation. 

To get ready for the White Coat Ceremony, you will need to either order your coat online or go to the Medical Center Bookstore to purchase one. 

The deadline for online ordering is Monday, July 24. 


Order Your White Coat Here

  1. The link is going to take you right to the coat ordering page for our Duke Medical Center Store website.
  2. You will choose either a male or female coat and then the size. Sizing charts are attached.
    • Men coats are ordered by suit size or chest size in inches ranging from 32-52 
    • Women coats are ordered by dress size or bust measurements see chart below
    • Size    0    2     4     6     8  10  12  14  16  18  20  40  42  44  46  48
    • Bust  28   30  32  33  34  35  36  38  40  42  44  46  48  50  52  54

3.      Once you select your size, add it to your cart. 

4.      On the next page you will need to put in your information. 

5.      On the shipping page, select your preferred shipping method as Store Pick up. This will allow the Duke Medical School Bookstore to receive the order.

6.      In the Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order section please enter your name as you want it to appear embroidered on your white coat up to 25 characters and spaces.

7.      On the next page in the payment section, select 'Duke IRI' as your payment method. If you are being asked for a fund code use the word Duke.


Alternatively, to the above, you can go to the bookstore when you arrive in Durham. The Duke Medical Center Bookstore is located on the lower level of the Duke Clinic. Medical Center Bookstore Location 

Once you go in the main entrance of Duke Clinic, you will need to go through screening. Identify yourself as a medical student who needs to go to the bookstore to be fitted for a white coat. Take a copy of the email you received with this information with you as verification.