Matriculating Students

Welcome to DukeMed! Below find important information regarding the various onboarding processes that require your attention. Please note the deadlines associated with necessary documents and/or dates you are expected to receive additional information. We look forward to your arrival in Durham soon.

Key Deadlines - See subsections below for further details

June 1st

  • Matriculating Survey opens (closes Sept 15th)

June 15th

  • Commit to Enroll

June 24th

  • Personalized Stethoscope information due

July 1st

  • Submit Official Transcripts
  • Submit Student Health & Immunization records
  • Complete Background Check

July 11th

  • Submit DukeCard ID photo

July 18th

  • Deadline for completing Student Affairs Qualtrics Survey
  • Purchase Parking Permit (not a requirement)

July 20th

  • Essays due to apply for final PCLT Program slot

July 22nd

  • Enrollment in courses closes at 1pm - information on courses can be found below under "Registration/Student Accounts"

July 25th

  • Order White Coat

July 27th-29th

  • PCLT pre-orientation - attendance mandatory for PCLT students. You must be in Durham by 8am on 7/27

July 29th

  • Pick up Duke issued laptop between 11am-12pm

August 1st

  • Program Starts - Orientation, starts at 8:30am in Lobby of the Trent Semans Center for Medical Educations

August 5th

  • White Coat Ceremony
  • VAMC Compliance deadline
  • Mandatory School of Medicine Research Symposium 

To Do Before Arriving

Completion of the background check is July 1, 2022The School of Medicine requires background checks for all of our students.  You will receive information about your background check via email soon. Once you receive that email, please take the necessary steps to complete the background check. 

The deadline is June 15, 2022.  If you know you are planning to matriculate at Duke, please check and change your status in the Choose your Medical School tool by the deadline. You have the opportunity to change this status now if you know you are definitely attending Duke.

Submit your photo for a DukeCard ID (instructions are on the website linked here). The deadline is Monday, July 11.

All new Duke students should have received an email regarding establishment of your email account, Net ID and initial password. The NetID allows you access to the DukeHub website. It is through your DukeHub account that you can update your address, view student account information, view financial aid information, review your academic history and grades, and register on-line for classes. If you have trouble logging into DukeHub, please call the OIT Help Desk at 919-684-2200. A Duke Email account was established once you notified Admissions of your intent to matriculate to Duke.

If you are a former Duke student or current employee, you should have a NetID and email account established, therefore you will not receive the email from OIT. If you require assistance, please call the OIT Help-Desk at 919-684-2200.

  • Please note that Duke E-mail is the official mode of communication in the School of Medicine. It is important that you frequently check your email to ensure that you do not miss important information and/or deadlines.
  • Please check the DukeHub website immediately to review all of your demographic information. If changes are necessary, please follow the instructions on the website. You will be responsible to keep your address data up to date. All mailings from the School of Medicine will use this information, therefore it is important to keep this current. Note: You are required to maintain MAILING, LOCAL RESIDENCE and PERMANENT HOME RESIDENCE addresses and telephone numbers. Note: Please enter the state of your legal state of residence (domicile) in the “Permanent Home Residence” section.
  • Verification of personal data occurs periodically throughout the year to ensure that student records are updated with the correct information. Students will not be able to proceed to DukeHub until each section of data is verified.

DukeHub is the university’s official location for student information and records. DukeHub will be accessible to matriculated students after their NetID’s and password have been set-up and activated. Click here for information on DukeHub 2.0.

Incoming students will be sent an email to their Duke E-Mail account in early July when bills are available for review on DukeHub. Effort has been made to include any charges (tuition, fees, technology fees, etc.). All accepted financial aid will appear as anticipated aid on your bill. This amount, less any cash payments already made, should be deducted from the total charges and appear as the “Amount You Should Pay At This Time”. The Due Date is listed at the top of your bill. Loan funds will not disburse to your account until 10 days prior to your first day of class. Funds in excess of charges will be refunded on the first day of class. It is IMPERATIVE you have enough money to live on for at least one month. In addition, by using your DukeHub account you can regularly check for loan, grant/scholarship disbursements, and refund information.

  • Students are encouraged to complete the Direct Deposit Form. Direct Deposit will help in preventing delays in refunds.
  • As approved by the Board of Trustees, all students in the School of Medicine will be assessed a mandatory technology fee. This fee is due in part, to federal regulations governing confidentiality of patient information (HIPAA) and software licensing.
  • Information regarding health insurance at Duke will be forthcoming from Duke Student Health and the Office of the Bursar. You may review information on the student health insurance at Student Affairs.

Admitted students that submitted all of the required financial aid application documents should have received an award letter via email. Details regarding your financial aid packages should be discussed directly with the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office.

Access to your financial aid award will be via your DukeHub account. You will need to review your financial aid award, accept, reduce, or decline loan amounts, apply for loans, e-sign promissory notes and complete required entrance counseling. If you have submitted your FAFSA and our office has processed your award, you will be notified via email with award letter provided and should now have access to your financial aid award via DukeHub.

The 2022 AAMC Matriculating Student Questionnaire (MSQ) is set to open on June 1 and close on September 15. Once we change your status to matriculate you will start to receive this survey from AAMC. We would strongly encourage you to take the time to fill out the survey as it helps provide useful information for our team.

Laptop and iPads will be provided to you for your medical education at DukeSOM. This year everyone will receive a Macbook Pro 13” – M1 / 16GB Ram / 512GB HD + 4-Year Applecare+ warranty, iPad – 9th Gen 64GB + 4-Year Applecare+ warranty 2TB External HD, Laptop Sleeve and iPad case.  Any questions about the program should be directed to:

There is no way to opt out. The MBP we provide will be installed with all the software needed for Med school and pre-configured to connect to Duke Health networks. Plus, the one we provide will have a 4 year Applecare+ warranty with accidental damage coverage (that has no deductible) which can come in very handy during Med School. You will get to keep the items once you graduate.


Picking up your Duke issued Laptop + iPad - July 29th

Duke issued Laptop + iPad for the MD Program will be distributed on Friday July 29th between 11am and 12pm

Pick up will take place at the West Entrance of the Trent Semans Center, 8 Searle Center Drive, Durham, 27710

You can drive or walk up to the building – we will ask for your NetID and Government issued ID (drivers license etc), and provide you with your laptop and accessories. If there are multiple students in the same vehicle, please make sure you take the laptop with your NetID on it as these laptops have been specifically pre-assigned to you. 

If you walk up, please do not try to enter the Trent Semans building from any other entrance – and walk around to the West Entrance, see Map attached in the email you received. 


Please note:

If you’re already in Durham and would like to pick up your laptop ASAP, please reach out to us to make an appt.

If you’re not going to be in Durham by Friday 29th, please let us know so we can look at alternate arrangements for pick up.

On behalf of the Office of Student Affairs, we would like to welcome you to Duke University School of Medicine. We’ve anticipated your arrival for some time and look forward to greeting you in person on Monday August 1st at 8:30am in the Lobby of the Trent Semans Center for Health Education. 

Our team in the Office of Student Affairs exist to both support and guide you throughout your journey as a medical student. The Advisory Dean team is eager to engage you in conversations related to academic progress, career planning and various aspects of your personal and professional lives.

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect for your orientation: 

August 1st 


‘Welcome to the Family’ & Celebration 

Start time: 8:30am 

End Time: 5:00pm 

August 2nd 


Professional Health Planning 


Start time: 8:30am 

End Time: 4:00pm 

August 3rd 


Building Community Together 


Start time: 8:30am 

End Time: 3:00pm 

August 4th 

Pictures, Vision Planning, Oaths, BLS 

Start time: 8:30am 

End Time: 5:00pm 

August 5th 



Research Symposium  

Start time: 8:30am 

End Time:12:00pm 

August 5th  


Reception (Penn Pavilion) 

Ceremony (Page Auditorium) 

Start time: 4:30pm 

Start time: 6:00pm 

Orientations Dress Code is business casual. The only exception is Thursday when you will have a professional photo taken between 8:30-10am. Many students choose to dress up (professional attire) for the photo and then change for the remainder of the day.

Food: A boxed lunch will be provided each day of orientation (Monday - Friday). There will be a continental breakfast on Monday AM and dinner served during our celebration event on Monday afternoon.

We are eager to support you and look forward to celebrating your many accomplishments as you learn and grow at Duke Med.    

You can find information about parking lots and rates on the Parking and Transportation website. The cost for these permits are found here. 

Order your parking permit. This is not required, but if you would like one then you must purchase it through the website linked here. The permit will be mailed to the address you provide on the website form. The deadline to order so you receive your pass in time for orientation is Monday, July 18.    

The Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT) at Duke SOM has an opening for one student in the incoming class. You are invited to apply to be part of PCLT! 

The goal of PCLT is to create change agents for the health care system through primary care. The four-year program offers leadership training, a seven-month longitudinal-integrated clerkship in second year which time for service with a community health care agency, and research in community-engaged population health.

To learn more, see our website here

If you are interested in applying complete the two essay questions below and return to Fatima Syed by July 20th, 2022. 

Question #1.What does community-engagement mean to you for either research or working in a community to improve health outcomes? What is the value of community-engagement? 

Question #2.What distinguishes you as an applicant to PCLT? 

Limit 500 words for each essay. A phone interview will follow receipt of your application essays.

Students accepted into PCLT will have a required Pre-Orientation for leadership training July 27-29, 2022.

Please contact Melissa Graham ( Program Coordinator or Fatima Syed ( Director if you have any questions.

On behalf of the Duke medical alumni family, the Duke Medical Alumni Association will provide all incoming students with a personalized Littman Cardiology IV stethoscope and an embroidered white coat this year.

Please complete this survey to let us know how you would like for your name to appear on your stethoscope.

In order to ensure your stethoscope is engraved as you prefer, we need this information by Friday, June 24th.

Please note there is a 20 character limit for Stethoscope engraving.

The program starts Monday, August 1, 2022 with Introduction to the Profession – attendance is mandatory.

The registration website site is called DukeHub; and you can access this site using your Duke NetID and password.  

On-line registration for incoming first year medical students opens June 16th. Fall registration will close at 1:00 pm on Friday, July 22nd. All students must be enrolled in the following courses before the 1:00 pm deadline on July 22nd. Failure to enroll by the deadline may result in the completion of a professionalism notification.

First year students must enroll in the following 1st year courses for the fall 2022 term:

Subject     Course #      Class #           Course Title
INTERDIS 107B               2192              Introduction to the Medical School Profession (select “0” credits)
INTERDIS 109B               2193              Clinical Skills Immersion Training (2 credits)
INTERDIS 112B               2187              Foundations of Patient Care 1 (21 credits)

If you have any questions or concerns about the registration process, please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office by phone, 919-684-2304 or via email at The web registrations with screenshots are provided here.

The following is crucial information for the upcoming mandatory event, the Duke School of Medicine Research Symposium (Med Sym) on Friday, August 5th:

  • Please find the website, which includes the agenda, for the event here.
  • Due to early dismissal for rising MS1s, at 11:30am you will be able to go to the 2nd floor entrance of TSCHE to grab your lunch. 
  • Please bring your own water container, as we are trying to reduce our use of plastic bottles.
  • Note that attendance will be taken in the morning. This event is mandatory for all medical students.

We are so excited for you all to learn about the research experience of your peers.

Duke University Medical Center and the School of Medicine require all students to complete online safety and compliance training. The safety and compliance modules that are required will be listed on the matriculation website in the coming weeks. Incoming students are required to be compliant in order to begin courses. Students must be compliant in order to register for future terms and more details are forthcoming.

Complete the Student Affairs Qualtrics Survey. Included are questions about information needed for your time during medical school. Please complete at your earliest convenience, although the deadline is Monday, July 18. The link to this survey can be found in most recent email communications.

As part of your Admission’s mailings, immunization records were requested. I cannot stress enough the importance of providing this information in a timely manner. The Student Health Office needs time to process the records prior to student matriculation. Students will be withdrawn if this requirement is not satisfied within the period designated by North Carolina State law and requirements of Duke University School of Medicine. Immunization records and the TB Screening Questionnaire must be submitted no later than July 1, 2022. Please visit the University Student Affairs Office for Mandatory Steps for Immunization Compliance.

All incoming students must have a COVID vaccination before arriving on campus. Plan to submit your health records by July 1, 2022 (please note this date may differ from the student health website). To review immunization requirements and to access and complete the Health History and Immunization Forms, go to In the past, the Student Health Office has also been able to provide immunizations that were needed. If you need additional immunizations, please contact Student Health to determine a time when you can get this done on campus upon your arrival. We strongly recommend you have the COVID full vaccine schedule (ie, 2 doses for Pfizer and/or Moderna and the Booster if eligible) to avoid any unnecessary delays to coming on campus. Health insurance information will be forthcoming, however information can be found in the link above.

Students must submit official transcripts from their undergraduate and graduate institution on or before July 1, 2022, however, if you are concerned that you will not be able to make that deadline, don’t worry, we will work with you. Please have your electronic official transcript sent to  If you sent your transcript via regular mail, it can be sent to the following address; Committee on Admissions, Box 3710 DUHS, Duke University School of Medicine Durham, NC 27710, Attention: Andrea Liu. We will confirm receipt of your transcript(s) once they are received. Everyone must submit a final transcript from their school(s) to us; we cannot get them from your AMCAS application.

The VAMC Official Registration paperwork has been released for the 2022-2023 year.  This is a complex and complicated process that we hope to provide you with specifics on completion.  Please read fully before filling out any documentation.  Also, we have created a “How To” file that is attached to the email you received which has each form highlighted where you need to sign or what you need to fill out. Please review before you complete the packet.  If you have questions about how to fill out the forms,  please do not hesitate to reach out to Kamara Carpenter. Please note, We are unable to answer specific questions regarding the VAMC processes of TMS, Fingerprinting, or badge appointments. The due date to return completed VAMC forms, is August 5, 2022.


What to do with completed forms?

Once you have all forms completed, please send them to  from your duke email address (not from a personal or gmail address), as individual attachments in a secure email. To send a secure email via Duke Email, please add in the subject line exactly the following: [SEND SECURE] VAMC Completed Paperwork: (insert your first and last name).  


How to get registered to work clinically at the VAMC


  1. Complete TMS Training Modules – log in and information about these VAMC specific modules are in the attachment sent via email – TMS-MSE-WOC-JobAid-TMS2
  2. Complete VAMC Paperwork ** See specific listing below
  3. Attend Fingerprint activity at the VAMC- Must bring two forms of identification – see attached acceptable forms of ID form
  4. Make and attend badge appointment at the VMAC – this will be completed after you have completed everything listed above – appointments will be made by and you must bring two forms of identification – see attached acceptable forms of ID form


Forms that need to be completed.

  1. 5 blank SF61 Form
  2. Blank WOC letter Form
  3. Drug Testing Form
  4. VHA 10-2850d – Application for Health Professions Trainees Form
  5. OF 206 – Declaration for Federal Employment Form
  6. English language Proficiency Form
  7. Fingerprint Request Form – Please submit one copy for the packet and save a copy for yourself – this form must be taken with you in paper form to be fingerprinted. Kamara Carpenter will make a paper copy for you to take with you, so you do not need to print yourself. 
  8. If you are not a US Citizen, you must complete the following in addition to the above documents:

1.       Non-Citizen Request - see attached in email blank form

2.       A copy of your passport

3.       A copy of all applicable visas

  1. If you are a male student, you must provide verification that you have registered with the selective service. This is done by going to
    1. Go to Verify Registration
    2. On drop down menu – choose verify now
    3. Enter last name, SS# and date of birth
    4. Download an official registration acknowledgement letter.  This letter must be submitted with your VAMC Packet.
  2. COVID Vaccination Proof - copy of COVID vaccine card – front only
    1. As of 2021, students may not rotate clinically at the VAMC without proof of COVID vaccination. The VAMC does not accept immunization (Flu vaccines nor COVID vaccines) exemptions from learners. The VAMC is a Federal Government Facility. Regardless of Duke University policy regarding vaccine exemptions, the VAMC will not allow vaccine exempted students from rotating clinically at the VAMC. Flu vaccines take place in the months of September/October and flu vaccination status is sent to the VAMC. Students do not need to self-submit Flu vaccination proof.

Scheduled for Friday, August 5, 2022.

Reception begins at 5pm in Penn Pavilion (Parking will be in Parking Garage IV located at 135 Science Drive, Durham, NC 27708)
Ceremony will be after the reception.

Each student is allowed four guests for the White Coat Ceremony. If you are requesting additional tickets, please send an email to with the number of requested tickets above the allotted four. You will receive an email confirmation back with the new number.


To get ready for the White Coat Ceremony, you will need to either order your coat online or go to the Medical Center Bookstore to purchase one. 

Please note there is a 25 character limit and this includes spaces. Student with long names typically use their first initial.

The deadline for online ordering is Monday, July 25. 

ONLINE ORDERING - a link was provided in your emails to order your White Coat online

1. The link provided via email is going to take you right to the coat ordering page for our Duke Medical Center Store website.

2. You will choose either a male or female coat and then the size.

  • Men coats are ordered by suit size or chest size in inches ranging from 32-52
  • Women coats are ordered by dress size or bust measurements see chart below
  • Size    0   2    4    6    8   10   12   14   16   18   20   40   42   44   46   48
  • Bust  28  30  32  33  34  35   36   38   40   42   44   46   48   50   52   54

3. Once you select your size, add it to your cart. 

4. On the next page you will need to put in your information. 

5. On the shipping page, select your preferred shipping method

6. In the Special Instructions or Comments About Your Order section please enter your name as you want it to appear embroidered on your white coat up to 25 characters and spaces.

7. On the next page in the payment section, select 'Duke IRI' as your payment method. Insert “Duke” for fund code.



Alternative to the above, you can go to the bookstore when you arrive in Durham. The Duke Medical Center Bookstore is located on the lower level of the Duke Clinic. Medical Center Bookstore Location 

Once you go in the main entrance of Duke Clinic, you will need to go through screening. Identify yourself as a medical student who needs to go to the bookstore to be fitted for a white coat. Take a copy of this email with you as verification. Medical Center Bookstore Location 

If you are familiar with the area, you may go in the backdoor of the bookstore. You will need to walk in between the Duke Medical Pavilion and the Duke Cancer Center, then walk through the tunnel that is located underneath Cancer Center. Straight ahead is the bookstore after exiting the tunnel.