The development of the next generation of medical education scholars is key to the future delivery of quality medical education, which ultimately leads to improved patient care. Toward this goal, we offer students a range of education research opportunities, with opportunity to design original research projects under the guidance of education research mentors.  This program also provides students with didactic training and practical experience in educational theory and research skills.  Along with completion of the third year requirements, students will obtain the foundational training to become future leaders in medical education research.


In this study program, students will be expected to perform a research project under the guidance of an approved mentor, and will be expected to fully meet the requirements of the 3rd Year program, including statistics training, presentation of research, and successful completion of thesis or thesis equivalent. Research projects will be rigorous, hypothesis-driven studies that utilize quantitative methodology.  Considerations for mixed-methods projects will need to be reviewed on an individual basis.
This research experience will be complemented by formal didactic training to ensure that students understand the foundational framework and principles behind health professions education, including curriculum development and evaluation, learner assessment strategies, instructional methodology, etc.  This formal training will be offered by the Duke AHEAD Certificate program, and students will be expected to complete this program*.   
Another component of the study program is that all students would participate in some form of teaching experience during medical school.  These experience will include, but are not limited to, Small Group Leader opportunities in courses such as CSC, CSF, CDHD, LIC, and others. 

*Notation of certificate attainment will not appear on student transcripts.  Duke AHEAD will not provide funding for research projects.


MERP Faculty Mentors       Director:  Deborah Engle, EdD, MS