DiversiTea Newsletter

The Duke DPT DiversiTea Newsletter was created by rising third-year Alexis M. Lacewell. The intent of the newsletter is to create a sustainable, interactive collection of work that embodies diversity, equity, and inclusion. Content for each newsletter can be submitted by students, faculty, and/or staff; submissions contain both historical and current events, and the content is multimodal, including art, music, literature, dance, etc. Each issue of the newsletter is followed by a DiversiTea & Coffee session where individuals from the program gather to discuss their favorite pieces from the issue and to have a dialogue about how the topics covered intersect with and apply to the practice of physical therapy. The purpose of the DiversiTea Newsletter is actualized when people apply what they have learned from the content and dialogue to positively influence the area of physical therapy in which they are most ingrained (i.e. admissions, community outreach, teaching, patient care, leadership & advocacy, etc.).

DiversiTea Magazine Cover Jun 2021
June 2021
DiversiTea Magazine Cover May 2021
May 2021
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April 2021