2020 MD Admissions Statistics

Interviewees came from 160 universities and 47 different states, while the 2020 entering class came from 34 states, representing 61 different universities. To find out more about some of our students, check out our Student Liaison page.

Number of Applicants

2019 Number of applicants
7622 Applications indicating MD, 4354 Applications submitted, 673 Interviews, 122 Matriculated.

Gender Representation of Applicants

gender Representation of Applicants
Applied: 49% female, 46% male, 6% other; Interviewed: 58% female, 39% male, 3% other; Offered, 61% female, 37% male, 2% other; Matriculated: 64% female, 34% male, 2% other.

URM Representation of Applicants

URM Representation of Applicants
Applied: 17% URM, 83% non-URM; Interviewed: 23% URM, 77% non-URM; Offered: 30% URM, 70% non-URM; Matriculated: 29% URM, 71% non-URM.

MCAT & GPA Distribution of Applicants

MCAT Scores of applicantsGPA Distribution of Scores of applicants
Outer lines/tails and dots indicate max & min scores of group, colored boxes (light blue, dark blue, grey) indicate middle 50% of scores, and line through colored box indicates median score of group.