DPT Alumni Awards

We celebrate the accomplishments of our alumni with awards for Distinguished Alumni and Emerging Leaders. The Duke Doctor of Physical Therapy Alumni Association presented awards to these individuals on February 15, 2024:

Distinguished Alumni Award

Mike BillingsMike Billings '94
President & Co-Founder
Infinity Rehab

2020 recipient of the HPA The Catalyst Technology and Innovation Award
2015-2019 National Association for the Support of Long-term Care Board Member
2014-2019 Telehealth workgroup chair for the National Association for the Support of Long-term Care
2014-present: Frontiers in Research, Science, and Technology (FiRST) Council of the APTA member
2013 elected by Oregon PT Association to represent the chapter at the 2013 APTA Innovation Summit
2012 recipient of the NARA Award for Innovation for Telehealth
2011-2013 National Association of Rehabilitation Agencies & Providers (NARA) Board Member
2010: Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA) through APTA
2009-2010: Oregon Physical Therapy Association Reimbursement Committee Member
2000-2003 Oregon Physical Therapy Association Nominating Committee

Dr. Billings is an individual who has applied himself fully to all elements of all three areas of telehealth research: practice, innovation, and leadership standards of the Duke DPT Program and alumni association.~ Alan Lee ‘94

Perhaps Mike’s most distinguishing professional mark is that he is an innovator. From the earliest days, Mike's career has been marked by innovative, visual practices, where the word ‘developed’ is his resume mainstay.” ~ Sean Gallivan ‘94

Mike has a talent for making every person he meets feel valued (and for making them laugh). His optimistic and forward-thinking attitude has been infectious since his time at Duke.~ Shannon Lutrell Bowling ’94

“Throughout his career, Mike has excelled in everything: patient care, research, teaching, mentoring, leading, presenting, publishing, managing, marketing, strategizing, and innovating. After graduating from Duke in 1994, he quickly became a leader in rehabilitation and filled multiple Director roles.~ Tricipa Lupi Agnoli

“Mike sets a high bar for excellence and leadership for himself and others. He lifts others and brings them along.” ~ Kelley Kubota ’94

He is truly a loyal Blue Devil.” ~ Carol Casper Figuers ‘81

Emerging Leader Alumni Award 

Allyson HemstreetAllyson Sutkowi-Hemstreet ‘14
Teaching Specialist
University of Minnesota Medical School

Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapy
2023-2024 Duke Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development Research Fund grant: Climate Fluency Curriculum for Duke Health Professions Students and Faculty”
2023 graduation of Duke DPT Faculty Development Residency
2022-2023 Duke University Schools of Medicine and Nursing Teaching for Equity Fellow
2014 Duke DPT Diversity Award
2013 Duke University Medical Center “It Takes a Team Award for Duke DPT and TROSA Program
2012 Duke DPT Helen Kaiser Alumni Scholar

“Dr. Hemstreet has consistently been a phenomenal educator and role model in my experience with her. Her goals as an instructor and values as a clinician reflect the DPT program’s mission to develop future therapists that advance the field of physical therapy and are committed to high-quality quality, evidence-based, equitable, and patient-centered care…I cannot picture the past year of PT school without Dr. Hemstreet, and I am incredibly grateful for the richness she has added to my academic and personal experience during this new phase of my life.” ~ Elizabeth Farmer ‘25  

“Her willingness to try and find how we learn best is always appreciated for our overall benefit. However, Dr. Hemstreet’s ability to teach us moves beyond the didactic work she needs to teach us. Just like many of our faculty, she is a mentor in compassionate care through her actions and ability to connect with each student on a personal level. Dr. Hemstreet complements the current staff through her interpersonal relationships and adds to the diversity of the staff.” ~ Dana Oakes ‘25  

“She will always be a wonderful representative of Duke DPT and our mission. I cannot think of a better recipient for this award. She is a Duke DPT alumnus who is innovative in advancing our mission and PT delivery in general. Her focus on DEI research within the profession demonstrates a strong commitment to improving our community and profession. She should receive this award primarily because of her ability to advocate for patients, students, and our profession.”  ~Dr. Marcus Roll ’11

“I nominate Allyson without hesitation for this award. She is deserving. I am waiting for her to set the PT world on fire with her passion and devotion to best practices in education and research..” ~ Dr. Jamie Greco

Distinguished Alumni Award

–2023  Lee Dibble ’91
–2022  Gerard P. Brennan ’75
–2021  Blair Packard ‘76
–2020  Alan Lee ‘94
–2019  Kelley Kubota ‘94
–2018  Elizabeth Mostrom ‘78
–2017  Dan Vreeman ‘03
–2016  Anne Weekley Thompson ‘79
–2015  Gary Zigenfus ‘74
–2014  Rebecca Craik ‘72
–2008  Andrea Behrman ‘80

Emerging Leader Alumni Award

–2023  Maggie Holland ’16
–2022 Tasala Rufai ‘12
–2021 Tara Widgins Dickson ‘12
–2020 Michael Schmidt ‘12
–2019 Amy Arundale ‘11
–2018 Matthew Ithurburn ‘12
–2017 Paul Salamh ‘07
–2016 Annalisa Na ‘09
–2015 Rebecca Gutman Quinones ‘07
–2014 Dean McCall ‘04