Duke School of Medicine has created a unique 4-year track to train primary care leaders who can enter residency prepared to engage with communities and practices to help improve health outcomes. This track builds on a longstanding partnership between Duke and the Durham community to understand the causes of health disparities, create a strong research focus on community engagement, and learn how to redesign clinical programs to better serve patient needs at the individual and population level.

The Primary Care Leadership Track offers its students a unique Longitudinal Integrated Clinical year (LIC) of mostly outpatient experiences. The goals of the LIC are to increase exposure to primary care and to form year-long relationships with patients in order to see the health care system through patient eyes. LICs encourage the development of attitudes that welcome patients as partners in care, moving beyond the current model of intermittent, facility-based contacts.

Meet Kevin Shah, MD

LIC longitudinal preceptor

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The Primary Care Leadership Track
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