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Denise Nepveux, Ph.D. in 2022-23 Duke Ahead Certificate Program

Dr. Denise Nepveux, Ph.D. was accepted into the 2022-23 Duke Ahead Certificate Program to develop a scholarly project on UDL. The mission of Duke Ahead is to promote excellence in the education of health professionals by creating a community of education scholars, fostering innovation in health professions education, supporting outstanding teachers, providing faculty development programs, and facilitating quality education research. Congratulations, Dr. Nepveux!

Bringing a New Vision of Occupational Therapy to Duke

When the job announcement first popped up in Barb Hooper’s email inbox, she didn’t bother to open it. She was an associate professor at Colorado State, and as director of the Center for Occupational Therapy Education, her focus was on the educational component of occupational therapy. The email announcement was for a position to develop a new occupational therapy program at Duke, and Hooper presumed she wouldn’t be quite what they were looking for.