Mentorship at Duke OTD

“We’ve Been in Your Shoes” Mentorship Program

It is now widely understood that health care professions, occupational therapy included, do not reflect the diversity of populations who receive services. As a result, health care quality and equity have suffered. One contributing factor has been the racist systems, from admissions to pedagogy to fieldwork, that often make underrepresented students feel alone, invisible, misunderstood, and disempowered.

At Duke OTD, we want to build a culture where ALL students succeed, including students from underrepresented groups. We believe students from underrepresented groups are capable of succeeding and we want them to feel seen and heard and empowered to make a difference. Mentorship has long been a tool for academic and professional empowerment, particularly for students from underrepresented groups. The We’ve Been in Your Shoes Mentorship Program connects students to occupational therapists from similar lived experiences who can provide support through the ups and downs of professional education. Any Duke OTD student can request a mentor! 

We’ve Been in Your Shoes mentors support the overall vision of the OTD program, a world where all people flourish thru access to and participation in health-supporting occupations.” Mentors have interest and experience in DEI initiatives and/or mentorship experiences which may include a mentorship with students from underrepresented groups. 

Any Duke OTD student can request a mentor! Twenty-nine of our forty students requested mentors in our first cohort and all were matched! Photos of our first social event coming soon! 

Diverse Voices

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