Second Year Student Group Blog: Wilderness Medicine

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Checking that we rigged Lila in the stokes basket safely!
Checking that we rigged Lila in the stokes basket safely!

The Duke Physician Assistant (PA) Wilderness Medicine Student Interest Group (SIG) was founded in 2022 with hopes to foster a commun

Second Year Student Blog: Liz Shipman

Called Up to the Big Leagues

My journey to the American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) House of Delegates started last year, when I was elected to our PA program student government. I served as one of Duke’s representatives for the AAPA Student Academy with my classmate Chris Marshall. The Assembly of Representatives (AOR) mimics AAPA’s House of Delegates (HOD) and introduces student leaders to our profession’s governing structure.

Second Year Student Blog: Jane Gray

I’m going to let you in on a secret: being a PA student at Duke probably isn’t what you’re thinking it is.

When you picture Blue Devils, does your brain immediately conjure an image of a student nose-deep in textbooks, pushing up their reading glasses? How about a stadium overflowing with dark blue, cheering on our infamous basketball team?

While these are all undoubtedly pieces of the DPAP (Duke PA Program) experience, they can’t lead you all the way to an accurate picture.

Second Year Student Blog: Teri Woschnik

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Growth: Reflections on Completing PA School

As I approach the final leg of my PA school journey, with just three rotations remaining, I find myself reflecting deeply on the challenges and triumphs that have defined this transformative period of my life. Imposter syndrome has been a constant companion of mine.

Second Year Student Blog: Reilly Walker

"What is grief?"

During a Grand Rounds lecture called Grief 101, Dr. G posed this question to a silent room. Not a single word popped into my mind to describe this feeling, though I had known it for the past two years.

A Conversation with Stead Society President Kristina Miller

This month, we are stepping away from our usual student blog posts to bring you a two-part series: First-year students Polly Hurlburt and Kris Miller sat down to discuss Kris's groundbreaking role as the first Black president of the Duke PA Program's student society, the Stead Society.


Part 1: The Path to Leadership


First Year Student Blog: Nick Stewart

“Challenging but rewarding.”

This is how many new parents and physician assistant (PA) students alike describe their experience. Now, imagine doing both at the same time. It may be twice as challenging, but it’s all the more rewarding.

First Year Student Blog: Eryka Molino

One of the main reasons I chose the Duke PA Program is its holistic approach to medicine. The curriculum focuses on the social determinants of health as well as the clinical reasoning required to practice medicine. Both are important to me, as I have been on both ends of what it is like to not be “the perfect patient.”

Second Year Student Blog: Tina Hillman

From September 28-30, 2023, I had the honor and privilege of attending the 2023 AAPA Leadership and Advocacy Summit (LAS) in Washington, D.C. I joined over 200 advocates from 41 states and was one of 75 students and 129 first-time attendees! PAs and PA students visited 191 Congressional offices to promote PA representation and discuss two pieces of vital PA-relevant legislation.