Second Year PA Student Blog: Kristin Darby

Embrace Your Journey

Physician Assistant (PA) school is a journey filled with countless moments of joy, expansion of knowledge, perseverance, growth, exhaustion, reflection, and the occasional unexpected trial. It will also push you to heights you never thought possible.

First Year PA Student Blog: Rebecca Gregory

I was sitting at my desk at Duke University Hospital when I received probably the most awaited email of my life – Offer of Admission, Duke Physician Assistant (PA) Program. The outpatient abdominal transplant team surrounded me, the people who had inspired me to learn, grow, and take this giant leap.  

Second Year PA Student Blog: Jess Harris

“Unprecedented times.” A phrase we’ve become all too familiar with in recent days. It peppered email inboxes and public broadcasts alike. Covid’s arrival to the US found me finishing up my career as a critical care nurse and preparing for Duke.

First Year Student Blog: Sami Moyer

“You’re just a nurse.” A statement made by a colleague, forever stained in my memory. “You’re just a nurse.” As if to assume my chosen undergraduate degree placed a glass ceiling on my knowledge and expertise in regards to the healthcare of my patient.

First Year Student Blog: Indrajit Sengupta

Relaxing on my much-awaited spring break after completing two semesters of pre-clinical year, I am still in a state of disbelief that I am part of Duke University’s Physician Assistant (PA) program. If anyone had told me a few years ago that I would become a PA student at Duke University, I would have thought the person was making fun of me. It is a surreal journey that has brought me to this stage of my life. I think sharing my journey would be helpful to at least a few like me who would never dare to dream of this.

Second Year PA Student Blog: Alexander Tran

What comes to mind when you think of Physician Assistant (PA) school? For many pre-PA students, images of donning a white coat with a stethoscope neatly placed over their shoulders fill their imagination. This narrative quickly changes for students accepted into a PA program with illustrations of a never-ending stream of exams. I don’t want to downplay the rigor of PA school because the hours of studying are all too true, but this does not mean you need to sacrifice other aspects of your life, such as your health.

First Year Student Blog: LeiMeredith Moore-Byers

To be a physician assistant student is to voluntarily commit to expanding your mind daily for 24-36 months and beyond. I will use this space to share a thing or two I wish I knew. I am thinking back to the moment when pursuing healthcare just felt right. A newly minted 911 dispatcher for Virginia's capital, EMS calls had a hold on me in a way that was impossible to ignore. Five years later, I began the most rigorous training I have personally ever received.

Second Year PA Student Blog: Michaela Kaltner

Few experiences can so universally provoke feelings of nervousness, excitement, and anxiety as a first day. Whether it be a first day of school, first day at a new job, or first day of a new clinical rotation, many of us have experienced enough first days in our lives to wonder – how many times before this becomes less awkward?