Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs for PA students matriculating in Fall 2022 (Graduating Class of 2024) are:

First Year

$46,843 divided into three equal installments.

Second Year

$46,843 divided into three equal installments.

Tuition cost for the current clinical year PA students (Graduating Class of 2023) is:

$45,259 divided into three equal installments.


Tuition is charged each term of enrollment for fall, spring, and summer terms. There is no tuition difference for in-state and out-of-state residents. Additional first- and second-year program costs are instruments, books, student fees (including a computer fee), rent, food, student health, health insurance, and personal miscellaneous expenses.

Housing costs in Durham are moderate in comparison to the rest of the country (Visit Duke’s website dedicated to information about living in Durham). A projected student budget is included in the interview packet and may also be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid at or (919) 684-6649.

Tuition and Fees*

On notification of acceptance, prospective PA students are required to pay a nonrefundable first registration fee of $475, as well as a nonrefundable program deposit of $475. Each candidate is required to submit an additional nonrefundable fee of $75 for a criminal background check prior to matriculation and a $100 health screening fee. For those who do matriculate, the program deposit is applied to the cost of tuition.

* Subject to change.

To provide prospective students with an estimated cost of attendance, the estimated tuition and fees for the Class of 2024 for the duration of their enrollment are as follows:


First (Preclinical) year  
Tuition $46,843
Required Supplies/Equipment $1,506
Technology Fee $2,658
Housing, board $22,560*
Health Screen Fee $100
Background Check Fee $75
First Year Fee (laboratory) $1,650
Student Health Fee $1,224
Student Medical Insurance (single; based on age) $3,375**
Second (Clinical) year  
Tuition $46,843
PANCE Application Fee $500
Technology Fee $2,038
Housing, board, transportation and miscellaneous $27,072*
Background Check Fee $75
Student Health Fee $1,224
Student Medical Insurance (single; based on age) $3,375**


Other fees include Stead Society dues $50 (First Year), Transcript Fee $120 (First Year), Recreation $342/year, Graduate Activity $37/year, Graduate Services Fee $22/year, Loan Fees $1,572 (First Year).

Student fees are nonrefundable after classes begin.

*Cost for board, housing, and transportation are an estimate for financial aid package purposes. Costs may vary based on student choices of living arrangements and personal cost of living. More information about the cost of attendance can be found at Duke Financial Aid.

**All students are required to carry adequate health insurance throughout their enrollment in the PA program. If the student does not elect to take the Duke Student Medical Insurance ($3,375/year subject to change until negotiations are finalized), evidence of other comparable health insurance coverage must be provided. In addition, the Student Health Fee of $1,224/year is mandatory for all students. The Student Health Center Website is

For students choosing a Global Health elective, additional costs will be incurred by the student for immunizations, travel, housing and educational fees for the host country.



If a student withdraws, including involuntary withdrawal for academic reasons, tuition is refunded according to the following schedule:

Before classes begin:

Full amount

During first or second week:


During third to fifth week: During sixth week:


After sixth week:


Student fees are nonrefundable after classes begin:



Voluntary withdrawals are initiated at the request of the student. Working with the program director, a mutual decision is reached with regard to the effective date of the withdrawal and any academic penalty to be assessed. Per letter, the program director will notify the offices of the registrar and financial aid in the School of Medicine. The Office of the Registrar will process the withdrawal and remove the student from any current and/or future enrollments. The Office of Financial Aid may revoke any financial aid that has been disbursed. The student should also contact these offices to ensure that they have fulfilled any responsibilities with regard to this process. The student's permanent academic record will reflect that he/she was enrolled for the term and that he/she withdrew on the specific effective date.