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PA Program Blog: What are Soft Skills and Why Should You Have Them?

Enhancing your application to PA programs extends beyond just showcasing your academic and technical proficiency. While a strong GPA and substantial healthcare experience are undeniably valuable, admissions committees are increasingly recognizing the importance of soft skills. 

You can frequently highlight them in your application through the essays or by demonstrating them with your choices of patient care work, volunteering, or extracurriculars. 

Second Year Student Blog: Jane Gray

I’m going to let you in on a secret: being a PA student at Duke probably isn’t what you’re thinking it is.

When you picture Blue Devils, does your brain immediately conjure an image of a student nose-deep in textbooks, pushing up their reading glasses? How about a stadium overflowing with dark blue, cheering on our infamous basketball team?

While these are all undoubtedly pieces of the DPAP (Duke PA Program) experience, they can’t lead you all the way to an accurate picture.

Second Year Student Blog: Teri Woschnik

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Growth: Reflections on Completing PA School

As I approach the final leg of my PA school journey, with just three rotations remaining, I find myself reflecting deeply on the challenges and triumphs that have defined this transformative period of my life. Imposter syndrome has been a constant companion of mine.

Comparing PA Programs: A Spreadsheet

It’s that time of year again; the CASPA application opens at the end of this month!

Last week was the annual North Carolina Health Professions Fair Week. We visited seven schools across the state, from Wilmington to Boone, and many places in between. One thing we heard from quite a few students was how helpful our school comparison spreadsheet is in their planning.

Every PA program has slightly different requirements, as well as different costs, locations, and amenities. It’s hard to keep up!

Second Year Student Blog: Reilly Walker

"What is grief?"

During a Grand Rounds lecture called Grief 101, Dr. G posed this question to a silent room. Not a single word popped into my mind to describe this feeling, though I had known it for the past two years.

I’m Visiting Durham: What Should I Do?

Durham is a city with a lot to offer. Whether you are a prospective applicant checking out the area for the first time or an incoming student in town to look for housing, there is plenty to do and see (and eat!) while you’re here.