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What Makes a PA Applicant Stand Out?

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Over the past several months, we have discussed how you can plan a path to PA school that works for you.  Once you have decided whether or not to take a gap year, and plotted out the course work needed at various schools, you should be cognizant of the fact that ultimately, admissions committees want to learn w

First Year PA Student Blog: Amanda Bassett

“Pockets” was one of the first patients I treated as a street-based EMT. Our friendship started off on the right foot – literally - when I treated his right foot for a fungal infection. For patients with diabetes like Pockets, a simple fungus can easily become a critical infection, like MRSA, and a life-or-death matter.

You Didn’t Get Into a PA Program, Now What?

You’re scrolling through ads and political fundraising emails when you see a letter from your top choice for PA school. Maybe you go get a glass of water and calm your nerves before checking, or perhaps you open it quickly before the anxiety can set in; either way, you find yourself staring at the dreaded rejection letter. The first thing to do is give yourself grace — nationally, only 37% of applicants are accepted to any PA school in any given cycle. A rejection letter is only a snapshot in time and does not reflect you as a person or your future success as a PA. Take some time to practice self-care.

Planning Your Path to PA: Undergrads

Our applicants find their passion for the PA profession at a variety of life stages. Some know they want to be a PA or a health care professional as children. Others come to the profession after a decade in different careers. Many potential applicants learn about the profession while working on their undergraduate degrees. Last month, we discussed the possible advantages of taking a gap year after college to shore up your application. But what can you do while you’re still spending most of your time in class?

Second Year PA Student Blog: Kendra Ireigbe

On August 18, 2022 I joined the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants (NCAPA) Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) outreach subcommittee at Winston Salem State University to talk about the PA profession to incoming freshmen students.