Duke Next Generation Leaders Symposium

Below is the agenda from the Spring 2022 DNGL Symposium. The 2023 symposium will follow the same format and will be held on June 7, 2023 on the campus of Duke University.

2022 DNGL Symposium Agenda

Trent Semans Center 

9-9:10– Opening Remarks (Dr. Mary Klotman, Dean of Duke School of Medicine)

9:10-10:00– Dr. Frankie Heyward, Harvard

“Hunger state-dependent transcriptional regulation in AgRP neurons”

10:00-10:50– Dr. Aileen Fernandez, Yale

“Employing spatially-conserved gene expression for improved selection of patients for immunotherapies”

10:50-11:10– coffee break

11:10-12:00– Dr. Cassandra Hayne, NIEHS

“Biochemical breakthroughs in human tRNA splicing”

12:00-12:50– Dr. Khoa Tran, University of Pennsylvania

“Spatial Regulation of Chromatin Associated Proteins during Cellular Senescence”

12:50-2:30– lunch break

2:30-3:20– Dr. Krishna Mudumbi, Yale

“Understanding EGFR interactions in live cells using single-molecule microscopy”

3:20-4:10– Dr. Erica Washington, Duke

“Using cryo-electron microscopy to investigate the trehalose biosynthesis pathway in Cryptococcus neoformans”

4:10– concluding remarks


DNGL 2022 fellows