MMCi Interviews and Profiles

Thought Leader Series — Dr. Vimal Mishra

Dr. Misra serves as Director of Digital Health for the American Medical Association (AMA). He is an associate professor of medicine and health administration at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, specializing in internal medicine and health informatics.

A Conversation with Ed Hammond

One of the things that COVID has taught us is how inadequate our systems are to meet the requirements of a pandemic, including just the exchange of information.

Cathy VanLiew on Why Choose Clinical Informatics?

“I’ve always loved team building and communicating with teams, and this was a different kind of team with doctors, nurses, health care administrators, IT personnel, business leaders and more,”

Claire Howell on the MMCi Career Curriculum

The classes from MMCi help me understand how to use IT from a business perspective.  I now take the IT knowledge I have and make it meaningful and actionable.

Dr. Armando Bedoya: First Fellow of the Clinical Informatics Fellowship

Dr. Bedoya was the first fellow that piloted the Clinical Informatics Fellowship. The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) program is the educational component of the Fellowship. Since graduating from MMCi in 2017, Dr. Bedoya was selected as the first Medical Director for Duke’s Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) team.