International Students

The Master of Management in Clinical Informatics (MMCi) program is a full time program and qualifies for F1 and other visa status students. The MMCi program actively seeks international students as part of the annual cohort to add perspective to the many challenges of research, care, and funding of health care globally.

To gain a full understanding of visa requirements the following Duke resources can be helpful. Please be sure to fully understand visa requirements.

MMCi Program note to prospective international students

Approximately 15% of the annual MMCi cohort is comprised of international students on a variety of US Visa categories, with F-1 being predominant. Additionally, the MMCi program is a STEM program that offers Optional Practical Training extension of 24 additional months for students after graduation. At this time, the MMCi program does not qualify or offer curricular practical training (CPT).

Please note that the MMCi program is oriented towards working health care professionals which make up the majority of the cohort. The Program is formatted for working professionals with classes on-site and on-line. With the every other weekend schedule it is very important for International students to plan how to best use Monday through Friday time to gain knowledge. For international students who relocate to Durham (relocation is required), work is limited to 19 hours per week on campus only. Campus work might be a research or internship or it might be in other services on campus. There is no guarantee of campus work. However, the MMCi program will work with each international student to find a paid campus job if one is desired.

Further, the Program encourages and seeks to facilitate international students securing projects on-campus to engage with that enhances the MMCi educational experience. This too is solely based upon the student’s desire to engage with these unpaid opportunities. There is no guarantee of securing a complementary educational opportunities. The University also offers very robust education, social, and cultural activities that are open to all students.

Some of the roles that MMCi international medical graduates have secured post-graduation are:

  • Vice President, Digital, MOFFITT CANCER CENTER
  • Senior Director Health Informatics, UNITED HEALTHCARE
  • Global Development Medical Director, ASTRA ZENECA
  • Assistant Director, Design Analytics Lead, IQVIA
  • Director Healthcare Solutions, HCL TECHNOLOGIES
  • Clinical Informaticist, CONCERT AI
  • Clinical Project Manager, WRITE RESULT
  • Informatics supervisor, CHIRICAHUA COMMUNITY HEALTH
  • Project Specialist, PREMIER RESEARCH