MMCi Students

Students. Professionals. Leaders.

Duke University is global in place, people and perspective. We embrace diversity of opinion, age, ethnicity, gender, race, belief and talent. By engaging with people from different perspectives, you’ll start to define your own ideas and understand those of others. The MMCi program considers and welcomes students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Professional Experience

There is no one typical MMCi student. Our alumni come from a wide range of personal and professional experiences, both domestically and internationally.

A typical MMCi study team may include an IT professional, a clinician, an international student, a professional with 20 years’ work experience, and a young professional.

  • More than half of our students come from a science or technology background, while others have experience in public health, public policy, business and economics.
  • Clinical experience is a common theme among our students, but certainly not a requirement. Other MMCi alumni came from IT, business development, health administration, consulting and other business functions.