FRCS Extensions and Renewals

**The information below pertains to the most recent application cycle in fall 2022. Information will be updated as we approach summer 2023. Contact with questions. **


Background: The Fund to Retain Clinical Scientists at Duke (FRCS) provides supplemental support of up to $50,000 to promising clinician-researchers with significant work-life balance challenges rooted in caregiving. Scholars are competitively selected on an annual basis and award funds are available for 1 year. It is expected that some scholars will need to apply for a no-cost extension to fulfill the scope of their award. Scholars whose caregiving challenges persist may also wish to apply to renew their award for a second year. The purpose of this page is to outline the process and requirements for extensions and renewals. Scholars with more than 10 percent of award funds retaining must apply for either an extension or a renewal, or remaining funds may be reallocated to other scholars.

No-Cost Extensions:

It is expected that funds will be used in the year they are awarded; however, no-cost extensions may be available to scholars who have made adequate progress using their Fund awards, but were delayed in implementation or encountered obstacles outside their control. In order to apply for a no-cost extension the applicant must demonstrate a good faith effort to accomplish the work outlined in the applicant’s original proposal.

Extensions will be for 6 months unless otherwise agreed upon. Scholars applying for a renewal (second year of funding) do not need to apply for an extension (see renewal instructions below).

To apply for a no-cost extension, submit your 1-page request to the Office for Faculty no later than October 14, 2022. This document should include:

  1. Description of progress made using FRCS award
  2. Amount of original award, total spent to date, projected balance at end of award period
  3. Explanation of factors impacting the need for additional time
  4. Anticipated timeline for completion

Extensions will be granted based upon the applicant’s ability to detail adequate progress toward completion of their award. Balances of less than 10 percent of the original award will not require an extension and will be retained for use by the scholar for completion of project work. Remaining balances must be spent within 6 months of the end of the award period. Any funds remaining at that time will be re-allocated to other scholars.


Scholars whose caregiving challenges have not subsided may apply to renew their awards for up to 1 additional year and up to $50,000. This amount includes any projected carryover from year 1. The total received under the FRCS must not exceed $100,000 in two years, and awards will be dependent on the availability of funds. It is expected that all renewals will be to support the same line of research outlined in the scholar’s original application.

To apply for a second year of funding, you must re-apply for the award, with specific application updates outlined below. Renewal applicants must still meet all eligibility criteria (available here). See page 3 of this document for instructions to copy information from a prior application. If you do this, you MUST review all fields for current accuracy, update any attachments, and complete any missing fields prior to submission. Renewals will be reviewed competitively with new applications. In addition to the background, demographic information, research proposal, and letter of support from your prior application, you must submit the following new information:

  1. Description of progress made using FRCS award
  2. Amount requested for year 2
  3. Explanation of how additional funds would be used
  4. Updated statement of personal need
  5. Updated NIH-style biosketch including current funding sources and amounts
  6. Updated budget and budget justification for year 2, using the NIH detailed budget format. Budgets must outline direct costs and include a budget justification for each requested person or item. Requests for salary support must include fringe benefits. The total request (including fringe) must not exceed $50,000, including projected carryover from year 1.  More guidance on the NIH detailed budget is available at  A sample budget justification is available for download here. If a particular section does not apply to your application, please leave this section blank on your budget. The budget should clearly outline the amount of anticipated carryover funds and new dollars requested. 

If awarded, year 2 funds will be available January 1, 2023-December 31, 2023. At the end of year 2, balances of more than 10% may be re-allocated to other scholars unless a no-cost extension has been approved.