Alumnae listed in order of cohort year, with most recent being at the top.

ELAM - Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine

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Professor of Pediatrics
Professor of Pediatrics
Professor in Population Health Sciences
Professor of Medicine
Associate Professor of Surgery
Haywood Brown, MD Distinguished Professor of Women's Health
Mary and Deryl Hart Distinguished Professor of Surgery, in the School of Medicine
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Samuel L. Katz Distinguished Professor of Pediatrics
Vice Dean Emeritus
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
Adjunct Professor in the Department of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences
Professor of Anesthesiology
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Professor of the Practice Emerita in Orthopaedic Surgery
Wellcome Clinical Distinguished Professor of Medicine in Honor of R. Wayne Rundles, M.D.
R.J. Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Medicine

ELH - Executive Leadership in Health Care

Professor of Pathology
Professor of Anesthesiology
Associate Professor of Medicine

Retired or No Longer at Duke

  • Kathleen Clem, MD, FACEP, became the first professor of Emergency Medicine at Geisel School of Medicine
  • Cathleen Cunningham, MD, went on to become a chair of pediatrics
  • Helen Egger, MD, co-founder and chief medical and scientific officer of Little Otter, Duke adjunct professor
  • Sharon Hull, MD, retired Executive Coach and went to start her own coaching practice
  • Amy Murtha, MD, became a chair of obstetrics and gynecology and then a medical school dean
  • Sallie Permar, MD, PhD, went on to become a chair, Duke adjunct professor
  • Debra Schwinn, MD, went on to become president of a university
  • Victoria Seewalt, MD, went on to become a chair of population sciences
  • Julie Sosa, MD, went on to become a chair of surgery 
  • Terri Young, MD, retired, Duke adjunct professor