Faculty Development Resources

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Article: 6 Red Flags for Suspect Work

Presenting Clinical and Translational Science Video Series

Effective Communication Video Series presented by Joanna Downer, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Development

  • Part 1:  Introduction and Tips/Tricks (<5 minutes) - Dr. Downer provides tips and tricks for effective writing and a quick recap of George Gopen's "Writing from the Reader's Perspective"
  • Part 2:  Sentence (<5 minutes) - Application of George Gopen's approach to a real-world example.
  • Part 3:  Story (<8 minutes) - Keys to an easy to follow story.
  • Part 4:  Applying this to your story (<7 minutes) - Explanation of how to apply the writing lessons of "Goldilocks" to your research story.
  • Part 5:  Putting it into practice (<8 minutes) - Cheat sheet for revising your work based on the material presented.

The Duke Faculty Write Program aims to advance faculty writing through workshops, retreats, writing groups, and consultations.

The Wiley Researcher Academy is a modular, self-paced online learning program for researchers who wish to develop their expertise and understanding of the scientific publishing process

CLIMB Written Communication Resources

George Gopen video series

Duke resources for faculty whose primary language is not English