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The School of Medicine Offices for Faculty Development and Research Mentoring are pleased to host a variety of seminars, small group workshops, and special events geared toward engaging faculty at all ranks and from all academic backgrounds. Browse our current schedule below, register for events, or consult our yearly calendar for a general outline of our program schedules.

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Current Programs:



Fall School of Medicine Financial Boot Camp

Friday, November 1, 8 and 22, 8:30-10:30am

Financial Boot Camp is a multi-part series designed to help faculty understand core finance issues with a focus on medical school economics.  Sessions will be led by Executive Vice Dean Scott Gibson. Participants will be introduced to core financial concepts such as the present value of money, rate of return, basic funds flow modeling for investment decisions, and evaluating the bottom line of investments. These concepts will be applied to case studies in the medical school environment to look at how research is funded and how administrators evaluate new programs from a financial perspective. Focus will be given to understanding differences between Duke Health entities and how these variances are resolved. The ultimate goal is to build awareness of financial decision-making and to empower faculty to be able to fully engage in discussions about finances at the program, department, and school levels.

Presented by: Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean for Administration


Session 1: Friday, November 1, 8:30-10:30am​, TSCHE, Classroom 4
Session 2: Friday, November 8, 8:30-10:30am​, TSCHE, Classroom 4
Session 3: Friday, November 22, 8:30-10:30am​, TSCHE, Classroom 4

Who should attend?   This program is most appropriate for mid-career and senior faculty with leadership roles (program director, division chief, vice chair, etc.).

What does participation entail?  Participation includes attendance at all 3 program meetings. This is a highly interactive program, so faculty should be prepared to engage in discussions of case studies and concepts. There will be an emphasis on small group work and problem solving. Short readings/tutorials may be suggested between meetings.

Questions?  Contact fiona.johann@duke.edu 

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Writing from the Reader's Perspective

Monday, November 18, 8:00am – 5:00pm, Lecture Hall, Searle Conference Center

This widely acclaimed seminar is based on the concept that in order to improve writing, it is first necessary to understand the process of reading.  The ideas presented in this lecture have changed participants' writing habits permanently, often resulting in improved grant-writing and publication success. Click here for a description of the session and a message from Dr. Gopen

Presented by: George D. Gopen, JD, PhD, Professor Emeritus of the Practice of Rhetoric, Department of English

Who should attend: School of Medicine faculty will be given registration priority. Limited seats will also be available for fellows, postdocs, staff and others. Registration will open for faculty on May 6 and remain open until May 19. Beginning on May 20, remaining seats will be opened up for others who are interested in attending.  

Questions?  Contact fiona.johann@duke.edu 

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School of Medicine Finances: A Primer

Friday, January 10, Noon-1:30pm

In this seminar, Executive Vice Dean Scott Gibson will address the basic funds flow model in the School of Medicine and how the school's financial structure relates to the PDC, the Health System, and the University. The discussion will address factors impacting the current financial economy in the School of Medicine as well as the unique challenges faced by basic and clinical science departments. The session will conclude with an overview of the economics of the research mission. Faculty will be encouraged to bring questions.

Presented by: Scott Gibson, MBA, Executive Vice Dean for Administration

Where: Trent Semans Center, Great Hall

Who should attend: All are welcome. Material will be geared toward School of Medicine faulty with some experience within the Duke system.

Questions? Fiona.johann@duke.edu

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Making the Case

Wednesday, January 29, February 5 and 12 ​

Have an idea you’d like to implement at Duke? Unsure how to craft the financial proposal or pitch your plans to key stakeholders? Making the Case is a hands-on, interactive program to learn the skills needed to transform an idea into a proposal. Over the course of three sessions you will develop or refine a business plan for your own idea, get feedback on stakeholders to engage and questions to ask, and practice pitching your proposal to a panel of mock judges. No actual funds will be awarded as part of this program. In order to participate you must come to the first session with a program or project idea that you would like to develop. This should be an idea that you want to move forward and that requires a budgetary component. Past examples include things like starting a new program, implementing a clinical redesign effort, launching a new division or center, or proposing a new system-wide workflow redesign. Sessions will include guidance on how to use and manipulate data using excel.

Presented by:

  • Sharon Hull, MD, MHS, Director of the Executive Coaching Program
  • Rossi Evans, MS, Assistant Dean of Budget and Finance
  • Susan Kline, MS, Chief Administrator, Department of Pediatrics


  • Wednesday, January 29, 3:00-5:00pm, Location TBD
  • Wednesday, February 5, 3:00-5:00pm, Location TBD
  • Wednesday, February 12, 2:00-5:00pm, Location TBD

Who should attend: School of Medicine faculty who have an idea they’d like to pitch or develop. Please note that there will be assignments before and between sessions. Participants must attend all three sessions.

Questions: Contact kyle.nunn@duke.edu

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Registration is only open to School of Medicine Faculty


2020 Spring Faculty Celebration

Thursday, May 21, 5:00-7:30pm

Formerly known as the "Spring Faculty Meeting" this event is a wonderful opportunity to network, celebrate achievements, and recognize colleagues with faculty awards. There will be a networking reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres from 5:00-6:00pm and the program will begin at 6:00.

Presented by: Mary E. Klotman, MD, Dean of the School of Medicine, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Where: Doris Duke Center at Duke Gardens

Who should attend: All School of Medicine faculty are invited. Feel free to invite your SOM faculty colleagues to attend with you or to make plans to come as a group and celebrate the end of the academic year together. 

Questions? email fiona.johann@duke.edu



Kerfuffles, Conflicts and Misunderstandings: Strategies for Engagement

Tuesday, June 2, 8am-12:00pm

This interactive session starts with the premise that the capacity to engage skillfully in challenging conversations is a vital component of leadership. Kerfuffles, conflicts and misunderstandings are every day occurrences. Unresolved, they cultivate resentment and stymy organizational progress- particularly where change is occurring. This session will use concepts from the classic books Crucial Conversations, Crucial Confrontations and Difficult Conversations to discuss, demonstrate and practice high stakes communication skills.  The goal is for participants to gain greater confidence in addressing difficult conversations.

Presented by: Ann Brown, MD, MHS, and Cathie Siders, PhD

Where: The Great Hall of the Trent Semans Center

Who should attend? All are welcome, material will be geared toward School of Medicine faculty.

Questions: contact fiona.johann@duke.edu 

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