Faculty Development Partners

The Office for Faculty is proud to host many events for the our School of Medicine Faculty. We are not the only group offering such events and hope this guide below helps you find what you are looking for.


Duke Office for Faculty Advancement

Providing support for all Duke faculty to ensure long-term career growth and success through specialized faculty development programs, resources and partnerships with academic units

Target Audience: Duke Faculty


Our mission is to promote excellence in the education of health professionals by creating a community of education scholars, fostering innovation in health professions education, supporting outstanding teachers, providing faculty development programs and facilitating quality education research. 

Target Audience: Duke Health faculty or professional who have a role in health professions education and want to develop as a health professions educator

Office of Physician-Scientist Development (OPSD)

OPSD is delighted to serve as a central resource for Duke physician-scientists, students and trainees to leverage research and career support programs across the institution. All 16 clinical departments within the Duke School of Medicine have joined us in our mission. From education and professional development to career mentorship and funding opportunities, we are excited to be national leaders in physician-scientist development. 

Target Audience: Physician-Scientist

Office of Research Initiatives

Our overarching goal is to facilitate effective research and collaborations for the Duke research community. 

Target Audience: Researchers from across Duke's schools, centers and institutes, including faculty, staff and trainees.

The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Office of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) works to build a climate where all members of our faculty, students and staff experience a true sense of belonging and feel that they matter, can thrive and contribute their best work.

Target Audience: SOM Faculty, Staff and Trainees

Learning and Organization Development

Learning and Organization Development aims to drive strategic learning and development through robust and rigorous solutions, enabling individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve extraordinary results in education, research, and patient care.  The unit offers classes and workshops, program development and consulting services. 

Target Audience: All Duke Employees

Duke Health & Wellbeing

Offers a variety of programs and training for professional development which can lead to new career opportunities or enhance your professional practice.

Target Audience: All Duke Employee's 

Duke APP Leadership Institute (Duke APPLI)

Duke APPLI is a one-year experiential leadership development program that aims to deepen participants’ leadership capabilities in various areas, including leadership, management, communications, advocacy, DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) promotion, business and financial acumen, and project management and evaluation. For the past two years, it has been supported, in part, by the Duke Health Chancellor’s Office. The program is designed to train APP faculty and staff and their team members to become health equity leaders who can thrive in interprofessional teams and lead transformational projects to improve patient healthprovider resiliency, healthcare system efficacy, and community strength.

Target Audience: Duke Health Faculty and Staff

Masters of Health Sciences Clinical Leadership Program (MHS-CLP)

CLP is a 42 credit-hour, three-year professional degree program awarded by the Duke University School of Medicine. The clinical leadership program emphasizes direct practice and application of content and skills learned from the program. It develops students into versatile and adept leaders willing to address problems in the health care industry. Please note that some courses are offered to non-degree students as well.

Target Audience: Duke Health Faculty and Staff

Check with your department leadership or Vice Chair for Faculty for department specific faculty development opportunities.