Who should attend this course?

The most competitive applicants will be junior faculty who are leading a research team and have clearly identified research as the principal focus of their career. Applications from both basic and clinical sciences are encouraged.

I am an associate professor. Would it be appropriate for me to attend?
The course is designed for faculty who are beginning to lead a research enterprise - a lab, group or team. Candidates who are in their first few years on faculty will be most competitive. Recently promoted associated professors who feel they would benefit from the program are encouraged to apply.

I am not a researcher but some of these classes look interesting to me. Can I still apply?
No. This course is designed for basic and clinical investigators at Duke. However, the Professional Development Seminar Series, organized by the Office for Faculty Development, has seminars throughout the year that are open to everyone, and many of them cover related content. Current offerings are available on our Programs overview page.

This course looks great but with my busy schedule, I can only go to a few sessions. Is this okay?

The course is designed to be taken in its entirety, with later material building on prior content. In the application, you are asked to commit to attending the whole course and the nominating letter provided by your Chair should indicate commitment to complete attendance. Commitment by both you and your chair are separate and important requirements for acceptance into the program. We understand that occasional conflicts arise, and that in some instances, teaching obligations may interfere with small portions of the course. These situations will be managed on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions about your specific situation, please contact us at facdev@dm.duke.edu.

What schools is this program open to?

The LEADER course is hosted by the School of Medicine. Faculty in Medicine, Nursing, Natural Sciences, the Nicholas School, and Engineering are all eligible to apply. Faculty in multidisciplinary centers and institutes are also eligible to apply. If you don’t see your school listed but you wish to apply, please contact our office. For more information about the cost of participating, see tuition information below. 

I’m brand new to Duke. Is it OK for me to apply to this course right away?

The course is very relevant to people who are brand new to Duke. The one caveat is the 360 assessment, which requires you to gather feedback from multiple people who work with you. In our experience this exercise has still been helpful to newer faculty, but choosing raters who can provide meaningful feedback about how you are functioning in your new job can be a challenge. To navigate this, we encourage you to talk with us and with your nominator in advance.

How do I get nominated for this workshop?
Your Department Chair, Division Chief, or Institute or Center Director must nominate you. Their letter of nomination must accompany your application. If you are interested in participating in the course, contact your supervisor (Chair, Chief, etc) early in the application planning process to discuss your participation.

What should the nominating letter say?
At a minimum, the letter of nomination should include an expression of support for your career as a researcher as well as a statement supporting your commitment to attend the entire course, the letter should also note who will cover tuition costs for your participation. The stronger the letter, the better your chances are of being accepted. You might want to offer to draft the letter for your Chair. View a sample letter of nomination here.

To whom should the letter be addressed?
Nomination letters should be addressed to the selection committee. The letter of nomination must be uploaded with your application in order for your application to be considered.

What does the application entail?
The application consists of a form that asks you to provide the following 1) Personal information. 2) a brief (<200 word) personal statement explaining why you should be selected for the course, 3) a signature attesting your commitment to perform all pre-course work and attend all three days of the session, 4) an NIH Biosketch (or CV if you do not have a biosketch), and 5) a letter of nomination from your department chair or supervisor. The application can be found here.

How much detail should I put into the reasons I should be selected for this course?
You are limited to 200 words; but that being said, you should provide as much explanation as you can for why this course is important to your career development. Acceptance into the course is a competitive process and the more we know about you and your reasons for wanting to be a participant, the better your chances are.

Can departments nominate more than one person?
Yes. In the past we have had multiple participants from the same departments.

How will I know if I’ve been selected or not?
Applications are due no later than November 3, 2023 and applicants will be notified of their acceptance in late December.

What if I don’t get in?
If you are not accepted to the course this year you are encouraged to apply again next year.

Is there any preparation required for the workshop?
Yes. Due to the extensive amount of materials we expect to cover during the course, we are requiring participants to complete two personal inventory assessments (a personality based assessment and the Skillscope 360° Assessment [360]) prior to the course. The personality based assessment will be completed by you. The 360 provides insightful feedback on job-related strengths and weaknesses and requires completion by you AND by some of your colleagues and supervisors. Please consider assessing whether your supervisor and colleagues will be willing to do this prior to submitting your application. (More information will be provided upon acceptance into the course).

Will there be any homework associated with this course?
Yes, there may be short readings and reflection questions prior to a session in order to best prepare you. 

Will there be opportunities for networking at the workshop?
Yes. There will be a number of opportunities for you to get to know and network with your colleagues and the workshop faculty. Besides the highly interactive sessions in the workshop, there will be opportunities for networking during breaks over the course.

Will session be available virtually?

No. Participants are expected to attend all in person sessions.

How much does this course cost?
Participation in the LEADER program costs $1,500. You must provide information about who will support your tuition costs at the time of application. Tuition payments must be made via departmental charge (no checks or credits cards). This one-time payment covers all aspects of course participation, including administration of the personality based assessment and 360, meals during the course and inclusion in follow-up alumni programs at no additional charge. 

Contact the office of Mara Becker, MD, Vice Dean for Faculty, at 684-4139 or facdev@dm.duke.edu.