Communications Resources


Branded Templates

Downloadable templates for posters, brochures, electronic letterhead, etc. Also the link to Universal Printing for SoM branded business cards and letterhead.

Campus Resources

A listing of resources available on campus for a variety of communications needs 

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Events, Announcements and Digital Signage


Post Events to Trent Semans Center & MSRB 3 Digital Display Panel

Please submit a PowerPoint Slide (or Adobe Acrobat file of a slide) using one of the templates provided. New slides are published every Tuesday.  

Submission Form


Duke Event Calendar

The Events Calendar is Duke's dynamic and comprehensive listing of campus events including lectures, conferences, performing arts, exhibitions, cultural activities, etc. which are held on campus and/or sponsored by departments, units, and groups. Users can search by date, topic, type, or group, and can download event details to most personal calendar clients. If you select School Of Medicine as a co-sponsor of your event, your event will automatically flow to the School of Medicine Calendar.

Event Calendar


Duke Health - Posting on Medical Center digital displays

Seventeen digital signs have been installed in public areas throughout DUH and in strategic locations in Duke South Clinics. Requests for content to be added to the digital signs must be completed via a digital sign request form that is available on the Duke Health intranet. Please carefully review the content criteria before submitting your request to ensure the information meets the requirements for posting. If you do not have access to DHE, please email your flyer to

Post to Duke Health Digital Signage  


DukeFlyer - Posting on digital displays across Duke University campus

Anyone with a NetID can submit flyers to digital signage displays across campus. Users can easily monitor when and where their flyers are displayed.

Post to Duke Flyer

Logos and Branding Guidelines

These guidelines cover the basics of how to visually communicate the Duke University School of Medicine brand accurately. Logos, colors, graphics and fonts are available for download.  


Photography and Asset Management

  • Webdam is a University-wide photo sharing system that provides NetId access to free photography, video and branding assets. Search and download images and video. The School of Medicine folder contains photos and assets related to its departments/units.
  • Photo/Video Organization Guide contains best practices for assessing and organizing photographs and digital files.
  • Duke Photo/Video Style Guides

  • Duke Approved Photographers

  • Photo Release form - Open areas on campus are considered public space and a photo releases is not required. However, for portraits and photos of specific people, please use the University Photo Release Form

Social Media Guidelines and Accounts

The Duke University School of Medicine (SoM) understands the significance, and supports the use of social media to promote the school and its educational, clinical and research activities. The SoM recognizes and supports professional use of social media, and recognizes that SoM faculty, staff, and health professions students may participate in social media for their personal use.

These guidelines cover the use of social media and internet activities that associate SoM entities, faculty, staff, and health professions students with Duke through the use of a Duke title, email address or other identifying information.

SOM Communicators Network

The Duke University School of Medicine Communicators Network consists of communications specialists from departments, centers, institutes, programs and essential units within the School of Medicine and specific individuals from Duke University. The primary purpose of the Network is to enhance communication between the School, the Units and the University.

The SoM communicators Network meets every other month.  Parties interested in joining the network or presenting to the network should contact Jill Boy, Associate Dean for Communications for the School of Medicine.

Duke ProComm

The goal of Duke ProComm to provide opportunities for the communications community at Duke so they can grow and develop in their current roles and gain the necessary experience for advancement opportunities when available.

Video Production and Editing

School of Medicine and Duke University video production and editing resources

Virtual Recruitment Communications Resources

Web Development 

Details about the upcoming Drupal 8 Federation build and migration project



Jill Boy, Associate Dean for Communications
(919) 613-8637

Beky Branagan, Web Administrator
(919) 668-0150

Lindsay Key, Senior Science Writer
(919) 660-2422

Physical Location: 425 Davison Building, Duke Clinics
Campus PO Box: 2927