Geometric Background Pattern

The background pattern has been created as an additional unifying element of the Duke University School of Medicine brand. It is transparent and can be applied over any color in the approved palette. Avoid using under large amounts of copy. 

Downloadable .zip file contains a .AI and an .EPS versions of each pattern/color. A second zip file contains .png files.

These first six colors meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contrast requirements when used online behind white text.

Primary Colors (ADA Compliant)

Blue Geometric pattern
Blue        .png files
Dark Blue Geometric Pattern
Dark Blue        .png files
Gray Geometric Pattern
Gray        .png files

Secondary Colors (ADA Compliant)

Purple Geometric Background
Purple        .png files
Dark Green Geometric Background
Dark Green        .png files
Red Geometric Background
Red        .png files

Additional Secondary Colors  for use as graphic design elements

Yellow Geometric Pattern
Yellow        .png files


White Geometric Pattern
Orange Geometric Pattern
Orange        .png files


Green Geometric Pattern
Sky Blue
Sky Blue        .png files