Academic Departmental Logos

It is important for departmental logos to follow a uniform visual approach that clearly identifies them as part of the Duke University School of Medicine.  Departmental logos use type treatments and adhere to the same rules and restrictions as the Duke University School of Medicine logo. 

Logos for all clinical and basic departments are available for download as a .zip file containing vector/PDF, jpeg, and png images of the logos. 

Each department will have at least two versions of the logo, one that starts with "Department of" and one that starts with "Duke."  The departments that have long names will also have a stacked versions of their logos for when space is limited. 

Department logos use the "Frutiger" font.


Four versions of the Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology Logo

*If it looks like nothing happened when you click on the unit name, check your downloads folder. Not all browsers show the download in progress.