Contacts for News and Press Releases

For assistance with stories related to clinical research or patient care:

Sarah Avery, Director of Duke Health News Office
Duke Health News and Communications
(919) 660-1306

Reporters wishing to reach the Duke Health media relations officer on weekends, holidays or after hours, can call (919) 257-7163.

For assistance with basic science research stories:

Karl Bates, Director of Research Communications
Duke University News and Communications
(919) 681-8054

Jill Boy, Associate Dean and Chief Communications Officer
School of Medicine Office of Strategic Communications 
(919) 613-8637

Recording, Filming and Photography

No news media, commercial, or promotional audio or video recording, filming, or still photography may be conducted at any Duke Health or School of Medicine facilities without authorization and advance arrangement through the School’s Office of Communication and the Duke Health News Office. One of these offices must be notified in advance when any press (external, Duke or student-run) or professional photographer or camera crew requests to come on campus for any purpose. A Duke representative must always accompany camera crews and commercial photographers while on campus to help ensure that filming is confined to authorized subjects and areas. Requests to film or photograph on the Duke University campus should be referred to the University’s Office of News and Communications.

Please be aware that there are areas within the School of Medicine and the broader Duke Health campus where photography and filming are strictly prohibited.

Patient Information, Interviews, Recording, Filming and Photography
All media requests for information about a patient or requests to interview, film or photograph a patient must be referred directly to the Duke Health News Office, which will handle those requests in accordance with applicable provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).