SoM Color Palette

The Duke University School of Medicine color palette is designed to work in harmony with the Duke University and Duke Health brands while allowing additional flexibility for departments to represent themselves with a certain amount of individuality.

More variation can be achieved through shade and tint adjustments (see Tertiary Colors), rather than the addition of completely new hues. This will reduce color incompatibilities and keep the palette from drifting too far from the Duke Health and Duke University brands.

NOTE: To ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for web design, use white text only on the following color backgrounds on a Web site. 

  • Duke Blue
  • Duke Dark Blue
  • Duke Gray
  • Duke Dark Green
  • Duke Purple
  • Duke Red

The swatch file contains the primary and secondary colors. 

In Photoshop

  • Open Photoshop
  • Window > Color
  • Select the Swatches Tab
  • Select the three bars at the top right of the tab (menu) and select “import swatches”
    screenshot of adobe color manager
  • Go to the saved file. If the file is not visible, select Swatch Exchange (*.ASE)
    screenshot of swatch selection menu
  • Select the file
  • Select Load
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Swatch List and look for the folder.
  • Use colors as desired.

In InDesign

  • Open InDesign
  • Window > Color > Swatches
  • Select the three bars at the top right of the tab (menu) and select “Load Swatches”
  • Go to the saved file.
  • Select the file > Open
  • Look for the folder on the Swatch List
  • Use colors as desired



Primary Colors 


Duke Medicine Blue swatch

Duke Medicine Blue  CMYK 100-68-0-12 | PMS 287 | RGB 0-83-155 | HEX #00569D 


Duke Blue Color Swatch

Duke Blue  CMYK 100-75-6-24 | PMS 288 | RGB 0-26-87 | HEX #001A57


Duke Gray Color Swatch

Duke Gray  CMYK 0-0-0-80 | PMS Cool Gray 10 | RGB 88-88-91 |  HEX #58595B 


Secondary Colors


Duke Dark Green Color Swatch

Duke Dark Green |  CMYK 55-9-95-45 |  PMS 575 |  RGB 78-115-42 |  HEX #4E732A


Duke Green Color Swatch

Duke Green |  CMYK 27-8-81-10 |  PMS 2300 |  RGB 177-185-81 |  HEX #B1B951


Duke Orange Color Swatch

Duke Orange |  CMYK 1-58-100-0 |  PMS 715 |  RGB 242-133-33 |  HEX #F28521


Duke Purple Color Swatch

Duke Purple |  CMYK 66-88-27-11 |  PMS 520 |  RGB 105-62-113 |  HEX #693E71


Duke Red Color Swatch

Duke Red |  CMYK 0-84-81-9 |  PMS 7625 |  RGB 220-74-56 |  HEX #DC4A38


Duke Sky Blue Color Swatch

Duke Sky Blue |  CMYK 100-28-0-0 |  PMS 3005 |  RGB 6-128-205 |  HEX #0680CD


Duke Yellow Color Swatch

Duke Yellow |  CMYK 3-21-70-0 |  PMS 141 |  RGB 245-200-103 |  HEX #F6C867


Tertiary Colors


Tertiary red colors

HEX #AE3E37 | HEX #FD6F65 


Tertiary orange colors

HEX #CC6628 | HEX #FDBB7F 


Tertiary yellow colors



Tertiary Green colors

HEX #4E732A | HEX #D7E07D


Tertiary blue colors

HEX #6AB3E1 | HEX #B4D9F0


Tertiary dk blue colors

HEX #6476A4 | HEX #A5ADCA


Tertiary purple colors

HEX #967A9A | HEX #C1B2C4 


Tertiary gray colors

HEX #808285 | HEX #BCBEC0