Regulatory Resources

Template Documents

These template documents are meant to serve as a guide for preparation of regulatory submissions to the FDA.  Additional regulatory tools and educational resources for academic researchers are available on the ReGARDD website.

Please note that all Duke-sponsored regulatory submissions to the FDA (or other federal regulatory agency) must be reviewed and submitted by the Duke Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality (ORAQ).  To request ORAQ review of your submission, please contact the ORAQ Regulatory Affairs Scientist assigned to the project.  For assistance with a new project, please complete the Regulatory Affairs (RA) Service Request Form. Please refer to the Regulatory Service Request webpage for additional information on ORAQ review timelines.  

When sending regulatory documents to ORAQ for review and submission, please provide the documents in Word format (vs. PDF) to facilitate review.  You are encouraged to reach out to the ORAQ Regulatory Affairs Scientist assigned to the project for assistance with preparation of your submission or with any questions on the submission.

When preparing a new submission, we recommend downloading a new template to ensure you have the latest version.

Investigational Drug and Biologic Templates